Netflix Looking At ‘Terra Nova’ For New Episodes

Netflix Looking At ‘Terra Nova’ For New Episodes There’s a lot of things going on at Netflix in a sort of confused kind of way as they look to figure out their future in a post-DVD/rental world. They’re not bothering advertising disc rentals anymore and are much more focused on the streaming side, but they’ve also taken to producing original works, such as the House of Cards series that’s in the works and new episodes of Arrested Development. Add in new rumors about how they’re looking to be the next evolution of a cable channel and it makes sense that one of the things they’d look at is a series with fans that’s being shopped around. With Terra Nova not getting a second season nod from Fox, but Fox wanting to find it another home, it all comes down to dollars and what can be done. The show is certainly nothing more than just being looked at and kind of bandied about at this point, but should it come back in this form it’d be different as several actors are already lined up for pilots for other series and likely wouldn’t come back as any deal would be long past when any put deals are done and over with.

Still, the potential for what Netflix might do is certainly interesting.

[Source: The Live Feed ]