Fox Working On ‘The Spectre’ For TV Development

Fox Working On ‘The Spectre’ For TV Development Prepare to be cautiously optimistic, especially if you were really keen on the whole Locke & Key series, as Fox is looking at developing an interesting property for TV from the comic book world that, horror of horrors, makes sense to adapt. According to Deadline, Fox has an active script commitment for The Spectre, a character that originated in 1940 by Jerry Siegel and Bernard Bailey. Fox has recently worked with DC Comics through the adaptation of Human Target to TV, though that took a bit more liberty than some fans would have liked but it tried to stay true to the spirit of the original. The proposed series is being executive produced by Bill Gerber who last worked with Fox back in 2002 on John Doe and was last seen working on the theatrical feature Love Happens, which he co-wrote and directed.

The Spectre has a pretty lengthy history with a lot of incarnations that allows for change, and has been a favorite character of ours through the way they can do small stories and large stories. The character recently received a DC Showcase adventure as well in the direct to video world that was very well received as a film noir style piece. You can read much more about The Spectre here .

[Source: Deadline ]