Tari Tari Episode #11 Anime Review

Tari Tari Episode #11 Anime Review Konatsu’s grand plan for a musical moves forward, though will Wakana be able to finish the main song on time?

What They Say:
Episode 11: “Waxing and Waning”

The Review:
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It would appear that Wakana is starting to overcome her composer’s block, humming a tune to herself while making breakfast. We then get some strange fantasy RPG segment which is mainly focused on showing off Sawa’s physique and leaving the boys in very, very minor roles. It would appear that this is Konatsu’s basic script for the musical, and frankly, it’s not that good. I smell a train wreck in the making, but that’s okay. Konatsu is going a bit overboard with this whole thing, but her enthusiasm is her main selling point. Wakana shares a rough version of her song with Sawa only, as she needs to plan the choreography.

So, the members of the club are working hard on their assigned parts, though as the festival preparations are under way, the surveyors continue to do measuring around the school.

Taichi is tasked with doing the sets, but he is unable to draw (apparently his drawing is so bad that people tell him never to draw again) and his attempt to get help from the Art Club ends in failure. His friend Hamachi, however, a member of the Art Club offers to help him. The price for his help, however, might just be a touch too high for Taichi.

After the eyecatch break, we finally learn the nefarious plot of the Chairman, which the Principal is in on: they plan to build luxury condominiums on the site of the school. In fact, the construction will be taking place soon, and it might even lead to the cancellation of the White Festival. Speaking of that, the Principal holds a special assembly of the teachers, at which the Vice Principal, Naoko, storms out. She already knows what is about to be said, and is thoroughly disgusted. Instead, she goes to the Choral Club and reveals to them (and to Konatsu, who was talking to some of their members) that the White Festival has been cancelled. In addition, in a montage, we see the Principal inform the teachers and the parents that the school will be closing down. Giving partially true but partially self-serving excuses (the low birth rate, demographic change, lack of funding), he explains that the school will shut down at the end of the academic year. They will see to the graduation of their seniors and transfer of other students by the end of the school year.

So, it looks like it’s all over. The school is shutting down and everyone will be going their separate ways. Despite this, Wakana works to complete her song and she finishes it. As the other members of the Choir Club happen to meet together in the nearly abandoned school building, Wakana runs up to tell them that she has finished the song and she would like them all to sing it together.

With this, it seems quite apparent that the show is preparing to wrap up. Still, it feels like they want to end things on a happier note than how it appears, with the Chairman making a cash grab through a real estate development, leaving everyone else to simply fend for themselves. So, we will end with song instead of tears. Though who knows, perhaps we’ll see some of them too. I can’t help but feel somewhat cheated by this bittersweet ending in the making, though we will see how they pull it off.

In Summary:
The preparations for the White Festival are in full swing as the students eagerly busy themselves to get their various enterprises up and running. The brakes are put on, and hard, however, when the Principal reveals to everyone that the school is closing down, to be replaced by luxury condos. This blow, however, doesn’t bring life to an end, and Wakana finishes her song, intending it to be sung before they go.

Grade: B

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