New Manga Releases For The Week December 4th, 2012

New Manga Releases For The Week December 4th, 2012 The first release week of December is here for the manga world and it’s a big Viz Media push week as we always see. This week sees 27 new manga volumes hitting the market from several publishers with twenty of them coming from Viz Media alone. They’re ramping up more Bleach this week with a double dose and their Haikasoru line has the release of the Virus: The Day of Destruction novel arriving as well. Kodansha has a few new books out, including new Battle Angel Alita: Last Order while Vertical slides in The Book of Human Insects. Dark Horse continues with its releases, including new Kurosagi Corpse Delivery.

What’s going into your cart?

  1. Arata: The Legend,vol. 12 (Viz)
  2. Attack on Titan,vol. 3 (Kodansha)
  3. Bakuman,vol. 17 (Viz)
  4. Battle Angel Alita: Last Order,vol. 16 (Kodansha)
  5. Black Bird,vol. 15 (Viz)
  6. Bleach,vol. 52 (Viz)
  7. Bleach,vol. 53 (Viz)
  8. The Book of Human Insects (Vertical)
  9. Bride of the Water God,vol. 12 (Dark Horse)
  10. D.Gray-man,vol. 23 (Viz)
  11. Dawn of the Arcana,vol. 7 (Viz)
  12. Demon Love Spell,vol. 1 (Viz)
  13. Devil and Her Love Song,vol. 6 (Viz)
  14. The Earl and The Fairy,vol. 4 (Viz)
  15. Itsuwaribito,vol. 7 (Viz)
  16. Kanji Pict-O-Graphix Dragon Book: Blood, Fire and Spirit (Stone Bridge Press)
  17. Kekkaishi,vol. 35 (Viz)
  18. Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service,vol. 13 (Dark Horse)
  19. Natsume’s Book of Friends,vol. 13 (Viz)
  20. Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan,vol. 12 (Viz)
  21. Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura,vol. 9 (Viz)
  22. Slam Dunk,vol. 25 (Viz)
  23. Toriko,vol. 13 (Viz)
  24. Virus: The Day of Resurrection (Novel) (Viz)
  25. Voltron Force,vol. 5 (Viz)
  26. The Wallflower,vol. 29 (Kodansha)
  27. YuGiOh! Zexal,vol. 2 (Viz)