Poyopoyo Episode #14 Anime Review

Poyopoyo Episode #14 Anime Review The arrival of new neighbors brings some panic to the Poyo household.

What They Say:
The Sato’s have new neighbors, the Tanakas. The Wife, Yuka is afraid of animals; how will she react to Poyo?

The Review:
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One of the less than fun elements of having pets is that they can cause a lot of troubles that you don’t even think about, especially if they’re outdoor pets. While Poyo is inside and out, he does get to be a bit of a problem for the new neighbors that have just moved in, the Tanaka’s. The nice new housewife has a definite fear of animals and cats in particular because of how they act and the potential for the pain they can cause. Like some people, she sees them entirely as a threat because of the claws, the teeth and the general nature of them. Moe’s attempts to assuage her are comical as she basically says that there are humans that are just as mean and ugly as some animals can be and that she should realize there are good cats as well. Watching her get over her fears is fun to watch, especially since it ends up putting Poyo through his paces in ways he didn’t expect.

In Summary:
Poyopoyo has a good emphasis on Poyo himself this time and that’s welcome since he’s now an object of absolute fear, something that certainly confounds the rotund kitty. The arrival of new neighbors brings in a bit of fun, though it focuses mostly on the wife, but it has the potential to add some cute new wrinkles to the show and its cast as they live under Poyo’s shadow. Seeing Yuka work through this in the space of just a couple of minutes may seem rushed, but it handles it well for the most part and leaves you smiling as she starts to turn and in the end puts Poyo in a position he certainly didn’t expect, and one that has the others in the family fairly concerned about him.

Grade: B-

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