Shochiku Sets ‘Momotaro – Umi no Shinpei’ Anime DVD Release

Shochiku Sets ‘Momotaro – Umi no Shinpei’ Anime DVD Release After an initial VHS release back in 1992 and then being part of a Japanese classic animation collection on DVD in 2007, Momotaro – Umi no Shinpei is now getting a standalone release. Sadly, it’s just on DVD in Japan, but it will be coming on June 26th, 2014 for 4,104 yen. The 74 minute feature will be in Japanese only and won’t feature any English language subtitles and going by the solicitation, no extras either. The release is an interesting one for animation fans in general and historical fans as it was a production that came out in 1945 at the request of the Department of the Navy as a propaganda piece to help rally the citizens in its own way.

Plot concept: The movie features the “Peach Boy” character of Japanese folklore. The film is about the surprise maneuver on Sulawesi island, depicting parachute troops’ actions. The whole movie also depicts how Japan “liberates Asia”, as proclaimed by the Government at the time.

[Source: Momotaro – Umi no Shinpei ]