Flashpoint: World Of Flashpoint #2 Review

Flashpoint: World Of Flashpoint #2 Review Tasked with the mission of stopping her father, Traci 13 holds the fate of 118 million people in her hands.

What They Say:
Can a teenaged girl save the world?

The Review:
One of the bigger surprises of the Flashpoint miniseries was this one as it introduced me to Traci 13 for the first time, though she had been in books before that I hadn’t read. Her role as a survivor of the attack on Western Europe along with her father put her in an awkward place where she was secured underground and kept safe but out of contact with many things. Discovering that her father was part of a cabal of powerful people around the world that intended to annihilate New Themyscria from space with a powerful satellite laser was the last thing she expected to have happen. And to have her father get all controlling, even more so, when she discovered it just put her in an even more difficult position since you get the sense that he’d take her out to stop her from stopping him getting his revenge.

Having her escape his clutches wasn’t a stretch here considering her powers, nor is it a surprise that she returns to Xanadu to get some guidance. Finding her dying after seeing what the future has in store is definitely upsetting, but what becomes more upsetting over the long run is that she’s sent on what she sees as a wild goose chase around the world to get help using the Chariot card. Pushing her teleportation powers to the limit, she gets a whirlwind tour of different places around the world and tries to marshal support but invariably finds people that are more self interested than anything else even with the scale of calamity that’s about to unfold. For someone at her tender age of sixteen, it’s a harsh reminder of reality and the fact that even best of the best of the heroes out there are completely wrapped up in their own drama and missing the bigger picture.

The tour through the world is a lot of fun as she gets to hit up a lot of familiar characters. Having Red Tornado working out of Japan where various versions of him serves as the protection for the country that keeps it safe from the goings on of the rest of the world is very interesting. Having an incomplete version of him that wants to get involved but can’t because of his condition adds a nice flavor to it, especially as we see the fate of Dr. Morrow through it. I even liked the segment that took us to see what was going on with Steel’s daughter as she fights off the Nazi’s in South America where they got a foothold after World War II. Possibly my favorite though has her ending up in the Australian outback where Guy Gardner has found peace through Buddha and runs a simple little bar there with a whole lot of smiles.

Digital Notes:
This Comixology edition of Flashpoint: World of Flashpoint contains the main cover as seen with the print edition with no variants or other extras included.

In Summary:
The World Of Flashpoint is one of those series that could have just been a dense text only affair with a few pictures that shows us various ways the world has changed. Instead, it focused on Traci 13, showing us the tragedy of her family in multiple forms and how she’s trying to do the right thing even as she realizes most adults are just too caught up in their own drama. Though we mostly have her going through the basic journey here where everyone she meets gets a few pages, it works well to nudge some amusing differences between what we know and what this world offers, all while getting her closer to figuring out what it is she needs to do to stop her father. This book has definitely gotten me interested in her character and has me hoping she has an interesting role in the post Flashpoint world.

Grade: B