Mangirl! Episode #05 Anime Review

Mangirl! Episode #05 Anime Review

Mangirl Episode 5

Sometimes the details of producing manga are the most interesting stories.

What They Say:
The girls learn that that the right font makes all the difference

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
While Mangirl continues to be one of the weaker “we make manga” series from the last few years, partially because of its short run time, there’s still a lot of fun in seeing how everyone works to build the best product possible. This one delves into phototypesetting with the dialogue and getting it all properly on the page for printing. Uniformity and all that is important, and at least one of the characters has a bit of history with it having made her own doujinshi before. There’s some cute bits with the different types of fonts that will definitely amuse some more than others and the whole thing even gives us a bit of cosplay as well that’s just far too adorable.

In Summary:
The life of an editorial team is non-stop, but such are many positions when it comes to the world of anime and manga creations. With a lot of popular properties delving into it over the years, Mangirl has a lot of competition but it does things ably here and with a good bit of fun as we see how hard the team works. Of course, effort doesn’t always end with good results, but we see the bonds work well here and the group as a whole doing a lot of good. Even if they’re not proofreading their work…

Grade: B-

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