Hunter X Hunter Episode #126 Anime Review

Hunter X Hunter Episode #126 Anime Review

Hunter X Hunter Episode 126

Wherein we focus entirely on the King and Netero to great effect.

What They Say:
Gon, a young boy who lives on Whale Island, dreams of becoming a Hunter like his father, who left when Gon was still young.

The Review:
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With some good teases in the previous episode with Netero and the King gauging each other and showing off some solid abilities, there’s a lot to like with that fight. In fact, there’s a lot to like with all of the fights that are going on in the series, right down to Welfin and Ikalgo. The problem, as most fans will generally agree, is in the pacing that is the norm for a series of this nature. That can draw things out and admittedly we’re pretty used to it after years and years of watching shonen action shows. But it can still feel like too much at times and this series has been stretching it a bit more than normal recently for whatever reasons. But when it hits those sweet spot moments, such as the beginning her as we get Netero going big at the King and the King reacts to it with a bit of surprise, it’s all good.

I liked Netero a lot when we were first introduced to him during the Hunter’s exam and the way he took a shine to Gon and Killua, understanding their true potential based on his decades of experience. But this arc and his more proactive stance with things has definitely made him even more engaging and interesting to watch, what with getting his past and seeing him showing off what he can truly do. But as he goes up against the King, the two are potentially on very different levels and it’s hard to see just which way it will go since each direction could have fascinating results on its own. But simply getting the two going at it since Netero refuses to just sit and talk at this point, knowing the danger that the Chimera Ants represents, is exciting to see. Each has their strengths and even though the King is “young” relative to his time of birth, both are exceptionally skilled and his recent lessons in games have taught him a good deal of strategic ideas that will help him.

Seeing how the King puts these strategies into motion is really quite a lot of fun as it goes on, but it also has some intense moments, such as when Netero ends up losing part of his leg to a strike. That doesn’t exactly slow him down but it does put Netero into the mindset that he really has to go all out here without regret and to fight like he lived. Visually, it’s a striking and beautiful sequence as the two fight to their utmost, albeit one that goes in an expected direction as Netero is given a finishing move that changes the dynamic completely between the two. The fight takes a bit more of a philosophical approach as it goes on as the King makes clear his stand in this world and what he intends to do with humanity in regards to the propagation of his own species and it all certainly makes sense since he’s seeing some real issues with using humans to grow themselves as a species. It’s all pretty interesting and we do see things go huge in a way that only Netero can do, but it’s also all done to set the stage for what Gon will eventually have to deal with.

In Summary:
Netero has long been a favorite character of mine and we’ve had some great teases and lead-up pieces to this fight in the last dozen or so episodes that have left me frustrated. I wanted to get to the fight itself, to really just settle down and spend the time with it rather than the little snatches of it we were getting. We finally get that here and the overall result is a strong one as the two powerful men, each with different kinds of lengthy experience, go at it knowing what’s at stake and their own abilities. It’s very well animated, has solid choreography throughout the big parts of the fight and really feels like it’s worthy and weighty enough for these two warriors. Definitely a big highlight for this arc.

Grade: A-

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