Poyopoyo Episode #15 Anime Review

Poyopoyo Episode #15 Anime Review Wherein cats are mistakenly thought to be objects!

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Moe’s life is one that is definitely better for Poyo, but she’s confused about how Poyo is perceived at times. For example, she’s been sending very, very cute pictures of Poyo to the Neko-Chan Publishing group and they’re absolutely in love with the pictures, but they think they’re pictures of a cat that’s actually a cushion. Not that Moe knows this, but it just reaffirms the way people always think Poyo is something other than a real cat, or a cat at all. Heck, even Kuro gets in on the game at one point in an absolutely hilarious yet incredibly brief moment that’s almost shocking to see. Seeing Moe and Hide run through different ways to come up with pictures of Poyo that’ll get her in the magazine is a great bit of fun and it really hits a quick hit series of things here that makes both her, Hide and Poyo really stand out well.

In Summary:
Even with a three minute runtime, sometimes you have no idea what to expect from this show. While not every episode has been a winner as there have definitely been weak parts, for the majority of it Poyopoyo has been quite enjoyable. Episodes like this reinforce that where it runs through so many gags so quickly that it merits two or three views in order to make sure you get them all as the cat deals with life. Moe’s involvement here is stepped up a bit again to good effect and Poyo gets to be taken advantage of in multiple ways, some quite disturbing, before all is said and done. This show continues to make me wish it was fleshed out a bit more with its run time though so that we could get more of it each time. It’s great fun but just far, far too short.

Grade: B

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