Yuru Yuri Episode #08 Anime Review

Yuru Yuri Episode #08 Anime Review April Fools has hit – what could possibly go wrong?

What They Say:
Chitose plays a dangerous game with Ayano, while Yui unintentionally annoys a girl in the library who looks a lot like Chitose…

The Review:
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The cast of characters continue to amuse me as their personalities come out just a little bit more. Take Chitose for example, who at the start here is spending time with Ayano doing school work and makes a statement out of the blue that she’s feeling particularly glad today because she’s wearing sexy underway. It’s a statement that completely stymies Ayano since she doesn’t know how to respond to it, and shifting conversation towards pets and other things only serves to make Chitose come across as an even more unusual person with the way she is. Chitose hits up so many odd statements in a short space of time that even Ayano can’t keep up with it after awhile and just calls for it all to end and to reveal which ones are the lies based on the game that was being played.

Things go in a different direction with Chizuru later when she’s studying in the library and being all serious and unresponsive to anyone who comes in. And when Kyoko comes in, it drives her batty as she tries to get her attention thinking that it’s actually Chitose and comes up with all different ways of doing it. This really has some comical moments as it’s all about physical comedy for Kyoko and she excels at it with her personality and expressions making it even more over the top. When she does her hair up to get her attention, it just goes over the top. When she figures out the best way to get her attention though by blowing softly in her ear, it’s positively hilarious.

When everyone gets together later, and the twins can be seen together and the very different personalities that Chizuru and Chitose has, it’s juts rife for even more fun. Especially when Kyoko accuses Chizuru of being tsundere. The simple comedy and humor that comes from all of this works well as we see how the twins interact with Ayano, Yui and Kyoko. There’s a lot to like from both Chizuru and Chitose and they play off of each other well and Chizuru even gets to be rather cute as she tries to be like her sister in some ways. The frustration felt by others has its fun as well, especially since Kyoko tries to just make it all a pleasant experience in general.

In Summary:
With the focus on the twins here, there’s definitely a lot to like as they bring some real fun and smiles to the game. Playing them off of each other in the end and spending time with them going up with other members of the main cast allows us to see a few different sides of them. With the episode moving through three different things here in terms of short stories, they all work well with different results. What worked the best for me was the first one with the game that Chitose was playing and how much it got to Ayano. Chitose continues to be the character you can’t take for granted and this just cemented it all the more.


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