‘Strait Jacket’ Anime Gets Multiple Clips Revealed

‘Strait Jacket’ Anime Gets Multiple Clips Revealed While Manga Entertainment made Strait Jacket available online a few weeks back, they’ve now updated things to include a number of clips from the feature. The standalone anime feature that was released in North America on DVD in 2006 has now gotten legal streaming online via YouTube from the distributor. The release brings only the dubbed version and not the subtitled on. The film is one that takes some rather good production values and runs with it to create a familiar yet interesting world that blends science and magic while telling a tale revolving around characters that are mildly conflicted, sometimes aloof and often simply trying to eke out a living.

Plot concept: In the city of Tristan, where advanced technology works side by side with sorcery, people are under constant threat of demon attack. To protect the defenseless citizens, the Magic Administration Office employs skilled warriors known as Tactical Sorcerists.

One day, a half-human, half-demon girl named Kapelteta Fernandez introduces Magic Administrator Nelin Seemonz to the reclusive Tactical Sorcerist Layot Steinberg, a crack shot who fights with a powerful humanoid Mold weapon. Despite his incredible skill at defeating demons, Layot is tortured by the sins of his past, and longs only for death.