Discotek Streams ‘Dallos’ Anime On Crunchyroll

Discotek Streams ‘Dallos’ Anime On Crunchyroll The relationship between Crunchyroll and Discotek Media continues to grow bit by bit and the latest addition to it is that the first OVA release in Japan with Dallos back in 1983 is now streaming on the service. The show is available for premium members only on the service and is available only in the US and Canada. The classic 1983 OVA series was directed by Mamoru Oshii along with the original creator and director Hisayuki Toriyumi. The series was produced by Studio Pierrot and has the distinction of being the first OVA series and was Mamoru Oshii’s first directorial effort. The show received a release in early 2014 on DVD from Discotek Media.

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Plot concept: Shun Nonomura is a young man out of Monopolis, a sprawling miner’s colony on the lunar surface. His people mine helium-3 and other essentials for Earth, but in the late 21st century, Earth’s resources are depleted and the planetary government has resorted to authoritarian rule to get what they want. As the put-upon miners – including Shun’s own family and friends – start to organize a revolt, they come under attack from Earth’s new lunar commander: Alex Rigel, a military man unafraid to use force to put down the uprising.

As Shun’s idealism and Alex’s chilly pragmatism clash, Monopolis is thrown into chaos. The last, best hope for victory lies within a mysterious alien artifact that the lunarians worship as a god: Dallos!