Miss Komori Can’t Decline Episode #05 Anime Review

Miss Komori Can’t Decline Episode #05 Anime Review And the indie goes major!

What They Say:
Megumi gets the feeling that Shuri declines her often, and Masako, who insists she won’t be declined, seems to be relied upon frequently as the class rep.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
While we know Komori doesn’t decline things based on the premise of the series, it does turn out there are things she won’t get involved in. While Megumi talks about how she declines things often, Komori reveals that she doesn’t want to get involved in relationship advice. Masako naturally is interested in doing that and gets involved in a lot of things. But she also just has some fun messing with Komori which includes some random public tickling moments. That just lets the fanservice itself run nicely and it plays to the opposite side of things as we have Masako talking about how she hates the spotlight on her yet secretly craves it.

In Summary:
While the past couple of episodes have had some laughs, this one feels a bit under the weather for me. I liked seeing how Masako talks about herself while Megumi knows the truth of it and is surprised by how Masako supposedly views herself. Komori doesn’t get a lot of time here overall and is mostly the object of Masako’s minor torments, which are certainly cute enough. At least we know there are some things she will decline!

Grade: C

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