‘Darker Than Black’ Season 2 Anime Limited Edition Sees Delays

‘Darker Than Black’ Season 2 Anime Limited Edition Sees Delays Yesterday was the release day for the limited edition of Darker Than Black Season 2+OVA release from FUNimation, but it looks like fans might have a bit of a hard time finding the production. According to an update at Right Stuf, the limited edition release was underproduced and not enough copies are available for it at the wholesale level, so retailers will end up getting either shortened orders or no orders depending on how individual distributors handle the situation. With this time of year being one where the major Hollywood studios are ramping up their own production schedules, slotting in big orders quite awhile ago for the summer movies that they want to have in stores for the holidays, this kind of thing does happen several times to just about everyone. With this release, it could also be involved with the production of the box or something else. Not being able to fulfill preorders doesn’t look good though, for either FUNimation or the retailers that have to handle the questions.

Right Stuf added in regards to their customers that:

We believe that we have enough product incoming to fulfill orders we have in house for this product. However, much is still in transit, so shipments will be delayed beyond the original street date.

You can read our review of the release here .

[Source: Right Stuf ]