Star Wars Thursday: Stand Up Edition

Star Wars Thursday: Stand Up Edition Welcome to this week’s edition of Star Wars Thursday, a celebration of all things fun, wild, and wacky in the Star Wars universe!

It’s the beginning of a new school year across the US (and many other nations, I’m sure). A new year can bring a wealth of new friends, new skills, and the joy of learning. Unfortunately, it can also mean a new year of experiencing bullying. Why am I bringing up a tender topic like this on Star Wars Thursday? It’s because Star Wars fans can help make the world a better place, of course.

Some of you may remember Star Wars Katie – a little girl who experienced bullying in her school when she brought a Star Wars water bottle to school. If not, here is an article on CNN to refresh your memory. The Star Wars community rallied around Katie, and took some time to think about what they could do to help combat bullying.

Katie’s mom even researched and wrote a book about bullying, and had a signing at this year’s Star Wars Celebration.

Another group of fans wanted to create a fan film web series called Jedi Camp, dedicated to “dealing with the bully epidemic”. After a successful Kickstarter campaign (yes, I am a backer), they have released the first two of six episodes. The others will be posted one a month, until the series is complete. Visit the website for more information.

Next time anyone asks you why you are proud to be a Star Wars fan, let them know that this crowd doesn’t tolerate bullying. Until next week – stand up for those around you, and may the Force be with you!


‘Arrow’ Reveals China White Pictures, Huntress Costume Description

‘Arrow’ Reveals China White Pictures, Huntress Costume Description With Arrow set to debut on October 10th on the CW, a few more things have started to surface about the show and its varied characters that will be appearing. First, while no pictures are available, the folks at MTV Splash Page grabbed a bit of news from an on-set visit about The Huntress and her outfit, as played by Jessica de Gouw. Interviewed by KSiteTV, her outfit was described as this: “There are hints of purple in most things. Just a little dab here and there, just to suggest the right things, but it’s definitely part of her costume, certainly.”

“You will see [me in full costume]! It’ll be great, whatever you get to see. It will be fabulous. I promise you,” she said. “I’ve seen it, so I can promise it’s really something. That’s all you’re getting.”

While we’ve got a bit of a wait until her arc shows up in the series, we’ve gotten a bit more elsewhere as images of Kelly Hu as China White have surfaced. Playing one of the villains of the series, China White was a character that was created during the more recent Green Arrow: Year One series. During the casting call sheets, the character was described as  South Pacific drug cartel leader who Oliver Queen encounters during his five years marooned on a remote island.

Check out the images of Hu below!

Plot Concept: After being marooned for five years on a remote island, billionaire Oliver Queen returns home with a mysterious agenda and very lethal new set of skills that he uses in a war on crime.

‘Arrow’ Reveals China White Pictures, Huntress Costume Description

[Source: SuperHeroHype & Splash Page ]

Young Justice – Insecurity Review

Young Justice – Insecurity Review The Injustice League is making some curious moves which puts Artemis into a very bad position.

What They Say:
Insecurity – Artemis’ confidence is shaken by Red Arrow’s return; the team tries to track down Sportsmaster.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With Young Justice working a larger overalls toryline for the season, it’s definitely welcome to get call backs to villains that appeared earlier in the series and have some underlying storylines going on with it. The Green Arrow side of things as it deals with Artemis, Sportsmaster and Red Arrow definitely has some magic about it to work. Artemis has definitely been working hard to be a key part of the Young Justice team but she’s also struggling with trying to be the right kind of partner to Green Arrow after what happened with Red Arrow. And unfortunately for her, her confidence is easily when Red Arrow makes a return appearance on the scenes since she can only view herself as easily replaced. Her insecurities, which of course is the name of the episode, is key here and quite understandable.

And those insecurities are making things really worse for her since Red Arrow is on the team now after getting the right kind of praise from Green Arrow and the reminder that he needs to be on this path in order to get into the Justice League. What complicates things even more for Artemis though is that a team is being sent to go after Sportsmaster when he’s located and she insists on going with them to New Orleans. Oliver is at least wary of this considering the relationship that she has with Sportsmaster, but it’s not something that he can really push back against. Red Arrow for his part is no help either as he’s really continuing on with his own mission to find out who the mole on the team is, something that he’s convinced is Artemis. And as we’ve seen for awhile, little is going to dissuade him from that belief at this point until the evidence points completely in the other direction.

With the larger storyline working through what Klarion is orchestrating, which is what Sportsmaster is doing in acquiring what’s needed for the villains that Klarion has pulled together, it has a raelly good air of mystery about it and it uses some rather intriguing characters along the way, from Dr. Hugo Strange to T.O. Morrow being kept in a coma for quite a long time. Add in Cheshire making a new appearance as well and that throws a few kinks into the mix as well, especially when it comes to Red Arrow. The main storyline is one that definitely has a lot of intrigue to it rather than full on answers for most of it, but it’s definitely one that keeps you following it.

The subplot for the episode is a lot of fun as well and I wish it made more time as it involved Megan, Zatanna and Superboy investigating Red Tornado’s room in Mount Justice which has its share of revelations as well. Red Tornado has a lot of mystery about him, especially after what we learned about him in the past when it comes to his “family”, this one helps to humanize him more while still throwing some unusual angles into the show. It also shows what boredom does for teenage superheroes and how they’ll continually just get themselves into trouble no matter where they are.

In Summary:
Young Justice doesn’t have a big episode here when you get down to it but it moves a lot of things forward overall. Artemis’ position on the team continues to be tenuous because of the things that she’s dealing with but it’s Red Arrow that you really want to smack around. The team has gone through a lot of very good team building exercises over its run but Red Arrow is what will truly break it if he’s allowed to run as he is. Aqualad really needs to take a proper leadership position here, but it feels like Batman and the others may be trying to stir things up in this way to find out what’s really going on, even if it means screwing with Artemis as bad as they are. You can sense a bigger game being played here, but at the same time it feels like you as the viewer may be getting played instead.

Grade: B

Tokyo Ravens Episode #03 Anime Review

Tokyo Ravens Episode #03 Anime Review It’s a race against time that won’t end well.

What They Say:
Harutora and Natsume interrupt Suzuka as she tries to bring her older brother back from the dead.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Tokyo Ravens certainly went for some difficult material in the precious episode as we had Suzuka trying to toy with Harutora for her own reasons and we end up with a dead Hokuto along the way. Whether it’s meaningful in the long run, in that it’s more than just the motivation to get Harutora off his ass and doing what needs to be done, remains to be seen. But as an early motivator, it definitely works well to spur him to action and to have her memory as something to reach towards in doing something good. It was also an event that shows that there is an element of danger in this series, which is certainly needed in order to make it have some resonance.

Suzuka’ goal of bringing her brother back to life is the early focus here as she sits at the temple on the mountain and orchestrates everything. She’s intent on crrying through her familial duty hereand provides a somewhat calmer storyline that runs early on while Harutora and Natsume are racing to stop her while being pursued by other demons. Natsume gets to come across well here as she rides her flying horse but also introduces a classic Chinese style dragon here named, of all things, Hokuto, that saves Harutora along the way. It adds a great level of fantasy to the show than what we had early on, but it also feels like a pretty decent and natural progression even in the third episode to do something like this. And it makes for one heck of a smooth and slick aerial battle as they fight their opponents that Suzuka has set upon them.

The first half covers the back and forth well as it has some great looking scenes and good character moments, which all leads to the resurrection event itself. And it’s not one that goes well as her brother, upon being awakened, is pretty vicious towards her. The dashes of past we see between them is good, but it’s seeing how Harutora takes it so personally – not a surprise after losing Hokuto – and he just dials it up several notches to truly impress with his actions. It’s not a terribly long action sequence, but it works well to show his intensity but also the very emotional reason that Suzuka was doing what she did. Ntasume sort of gets lost in the second half to some degree, but as it finishes out and we get the epilogue that moves us towards Tokyo, you can see how her presence will be far more s the show goes on.

In Summary:
Tokyo Ravens has another good episode here as it finishes out the opening arc of the series by working through a good range of action and emotion to bring it all together. Almost serving as a prologue to get things in place – name in Tokyo – the show does some engaging things here with the way it unfolds, especially in providing a proper pairing with Natsume and getting Harutora to really take things seriously and do what must be done. The arc works well, though I suspect it’ll play even better in marathon form, and is one of those series that feels like it’s an under the radar work that needs to get a bit more attention as it all comes together. I’m still looking for that moment or shift that will make it into something special, but it’s definitely close to being there already.

Grade: B

Streamed By: FUNimation

Review Equipment:
Sony KDL70R550A 70″ LED 1080P HDTV, Apple TV via HDMI set to 1080p, Onkyo TX-SR605 Receiver and Panasonic SB-TP20S Multi-Channel Speaker System With 100-Watt Subwoofer.

Discotek Streams ‘Dallos’ Anime On Crunchyroll

Discotek Streams ‘Dallos’ Anime On Crunchyroll The relationship between Crunchyroll and Discotek Media continues to grow bit by bit and the latest addition to it is that the first OVA release in Japan with Dallos back in 1983 is now streaming on the service. The show is available for premium members only on the service and is available only in the US and Canada. The classic 1983 OVA series was directed by Mamoru Oshii along with the original creator and director Hisayuki Toriyumi. The series was produced by Studio Pierrot and has the distinction of being the first OVA series and was Mamoru Oshii’s first directorial effort. The show received a release in early 2014 on DVD from Discotek Media.

Check out our review of it here .

Plot concept: Shun Nonomura is a young man out of Monopolis, a sprawling miner’s colony on the lunar surface. His people mine helium-3 and other essentials for Earth, but in the late 21st century, Earth’s resources are depleted and the planetary government has resorted to authoritarian rule to get what they want. As the put-upon miners – including Shun’s own family and friends – start to organize a revolt, they come under attack from Earth’s new lunar commander: Alex Rigel, a military man unafraid to use force to put down the uprising.

As Shun’s idealism and Alex’s chilly pragmatism clash, Monopolis is thrown into chaos. The last, best hope for victory lies within a mysterious alien artifact that the lunarians worship as a god: Dallos!

New Red Band ‘Conan The Barbarian’ Clip Released

New Red Band ‘Conan The Barbarian’ Clip Released The August 19th release of Conan: The Barbarian is starting to get a bit more attention, especially as certain Game of Thrones fans are eyeing it with Jason Momoa in the lead, and Lionsgate has unleashed a new clip from the film and made it a red-band one, which we don’t see too often in general, never mind as a clip. The new piece, just under three minutes in length, provides for a fairly bloody sequence and makes it clear that we’re not getting a weakened version of the property.

Clip Background: When blood is spilled… legends are made. Watch a young Conan satisfy his Cimmerian thirst for blood–and begin his legend–in this bloody first scene from Conan The Barbarian!

‘Strait Jacket’ Anime Gets Multiple Clips Revealed

‘Strait Jacket’ Anime Gets Multiple Clips Revealed While Manga Entertainment made Strait Jacket available online a few weeks back, they’ve now updated things to include a number of clips from the feature. The standalone anime feature that was released in North America on DVD in 2006 has now gotten legal streaming online via YouTube from the distributor. The release brings only the dubbed version and not the subtitled on. The film is one that takes some rather good production values and runs with it to create a familiar yet interesting world that blends science and magic while telling a tale revolving around characters that are mildly conflicted, sometimes aloof and often simply trying to eke out a living.

Plot concept: In the city of Tristan, where advanced technology works side by side with sorcery, people are under constant threat of demon attack. To protect the defenseless citizens, the Magic Administration Office employs skilled warriors known as Tactical Sorcerists.

One day, a half-human, half-demon girl named Kapelteta Fernandez introduces Magic Administrator Nelin Seemonz to the reclusive Tactical Sorcerist Layot Steinberg, a crack shot who fights with a powerful humanoid Mold weapon. Despite his incredible skill at defeating demons, Layot is tortured by the sins of his past, and longs only for death.