Danchigai Episode #05 Anime Review

Danchigai Episode #05 Anime Review A family that plays together…

What They Say:
Danchigai focuses on the life of Haruki Nakano and his four sisters, all of whom live together in the same apartment complex. The only boy of five siblings, Haruki lives with his older sister Mutsuki, difficult younger sister Yayoi, and mischievous twins Uzuki and Satsuki.

The Review:
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With the show having fun with the cast in individual and group ways, this ne gives us some time with Satsuki at the start, breaking out one of the twins with Haruki for a little bit. She’s pretty much what you’d expect from a younger kid in that she wants what she wants and doesn’t share easily. Seeing Haruki dealing with her and then with Uzuki separately and the way she’s more interesting in playing with him in ways that older brothers/fathers have to do, it’s definitely fun. Of course, the real problem is that Haruki wants to do things with them and be a good brother, but they’re more interested in just playing in the moment. There’s some good cute moments here, especially when they watch anime together, but a lot of what we get is just the twins sisterly bonds brought to the forefront.

In Summary:
While Danchigai obviously isn’t a deep series, it’s accomplishing a solid bit of character building and family dynamic exploration within under four minutes per episode. There has been some good stuff in seeing how they pair off and interact with each other as well as the family as a whole, so getting one that deals with the twins and how their dynamic in particular plays out is definitely fun. The animation looks a bit simpler in this one overall, especially with the character designs, but not enough that you really cringe at it. But it feels a few points lower than what we’ve had up until now.

Grade: B-

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