Robert Napton Talks ‘Warriors Of Mars’ Comic For 2012

Robert Napton Talks ‘Warriors Of Mars’ Comic For 2012 This one is a bit late to the table but it’s one that definitely caught my eye when I saw it. With the upcoming feature film for John Carter, it’s no surprise that there’s movement on the comics front for it. In fact, there have been a couple of series in recent memory, but a new one is hitting in February, a month before the new movie, which is being written by Robert Napton. Napton has written comics for awhile but for a number of folks like myself, he’s known more for his work in the anime field dating back to the 90′s with US Renditions. Dynamite Entertainment has him on tap to follow up books written by others with Warriors of Mars which will be illustrated by Jack Jasdan with covers by Joe Jusko.

This book goes back to the time before Carter got there and focuses Lt. Gullivar Jones and brings them together. “Now these legendary warriors are brought together for the first time! When Lt. Guillivar Jones happens upon a mysterious old man with a beautiful carpet he soon finds himself transported through space and time to the planet Mars where he meets the beautiful Princess Hera and a ferocious tribe of Red Martians bent on capturing her!”

“Gullivar was written first, but Carter cornered the market and became a legend,” says writer Robert Napton. “It’s Gullivar Vs. John Carter-let the battle begin! It’s a thrill to bring these two southern gents together on the same stretch of red turf and let them have at it. But it won’t be all blood and guts. There’s a story to be told. Many have heard of Gullivar of Mars, but don’t know who he is and how he’s a different sort of man from Carter despite being caught in the same otherworldly circumstances. This is one mash-up fans of pulp won’t want to miss.”

“We’ve found a smart and clever way to tie these two pulp heroes together and rescue Gullivar from relative obscurity and place him up on the dais among the greats,” adds Dynamite Editor Joe Rybandt. “We’re going to explore more of the eras of Mars with Gullivar, the past, present and future and Robert Napton has proven himself more than capable of spinning some excellent Barsoomian tales and we’ve paired him with a great new artistic find in Jack Jadson.”