‘Shounen Maid’ Manga Getting Anime Adaptation

‘Shounen Maid’ Manga Getting Anime Adaptation Details are light at the moment but it’s been revealed that the Shounen Maid manga has been given the green light for an anime adaptation. The series comes from the manga by Ototachibana that began in Comics B’s-LOG back in 2008 and has eight volumes to its name so far. This was their second manga after the one volume release of Ghost Hunt Scramble! in 2007 in the same magazine.

Details will be forthcoming in an upcoming installment of the magazine about who is handling the adaptation, who will star in it and when we’ll see it, presumably in 2016.

Plot concept: Chihiro is left homeless with supposedly no relatives after his mom died. As he worries about what to do next, his uncle shows up and plans to take care of him…or is it the other way around?

[Source: MAL ]