Battle Girls – Time Paradox Episode #13 Review

Battle Girls – Time Paradox Episode #13 Review Is it an ending or a beginning?

What They Say:
Everyone eats a meal while cleaning up the ruins of the castle. And then someone slips away!? Date-sensei leaves to find the armor, still buried in the rubble. She hasn’t given up on getting it yet. And just as she finds it, Hideyoshi appears… What will be the fate of the battle girls?

The Review:
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Battle Girls hit its pretty big point with the previous episode as Ieyasu rained down destruction upon much of the immediate area and was really getting into that whole ushering in an age of darkness. But with all of that cleaned up, the show has what should be a fairly quiet final episode to finish out some of the lingering plot elements, including that whole issue surrounding Date and her time traveling family aspect that’s in search of the armor. While the armor has fallen off of Ieyasu and she’s been saved, the armor is still likely there amongst the rubble to be dealt with. It can’t be just left there, but can it be acquired by Date so she can go off on her next time leap in order to establish the family line properly?

Date’s intent to bring back the armor and do what she wants to for her ancestors is a decent belief to work with, and she’s not exactly doing it for evil purposes. She has a mindset and a goal in mind to try and change things, but things have changed dramatically for this particular time line at least. Nobunaga shows that in a big way when she pushes back against Date over it, not with force but simply with her words and spirit. It’s an interesting approach for her and one that shows a certain amount of growth for her as well since the start of the series and the way she’s operated for some time. There’s a good bit of drama, and really strong animation and character designs here as the two sides face off over their futures, and it really helps to once again cement how much fun these characters are.

The quiet side of the episode after all of that is dealt with works as a really good epilogue of sorts, as they have to deal with the issue that two of them are basically time travelers and can’t stay in the past forever. While Date may be able to find a life of sorts there, it’s not something you can ask of Hide since she’s so young and there’s the potential for people worrying about her. It’s a nice somber way to bring some closure to things between everyone and the culmination of events that have unfolded since she was thrown into the past. Everyone has come together in a good way, had some really fun adventures and dealt with a big dangerous situation all while staying true to who they are. Saying farewells in this manner is definitely a pleasing way to bring it to a close, and with the right little nods of humor to it, it leaves you with a smile and a twinge of regret that it’s all over.

In Summary:
The opening episode of Battle Girls did not win me over in the slightest, but as the show found its footing in the past, it really made me a fan of it in a way that truly surprised me. There’ve been many series of this nature over the yeras, but this one managed to find its own voice overall and proved to be a great deal of fun as it unfolded. The cast of characters made it work and it helped that Hide wasn’t the annoying little brat we usually get with these shows. This one had a more relaxed feel to it as well which helped as well as the way it handled the fanservice. While there are obvious moments of it, they rarely went for the voyeuristic route and that helped a whole lot. These characters are fun and I thoroughly enjoyed them all against by better expectations and it’s left me wanting to see more of it.

Grade: B+

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Battle Girls – Time Paradox Episode #13 Review