Majin Bone Episode #03 Anime Review

Majin Bone Episode #03 Anime Review

Majin Bone Episode 3

Shougo’s life is only getting more complicated as his being watched takes center stage.

What They Say:
Now, in the modern age, the creator of the universe, Majin, has revived suddenly. At the same time, visitors from the darkness have descended to Earth. As danger nears the Earth, three men pursue a young boy. “Is he a match? Could he really be humanity’s last hope?”

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Majin Bone has taken a slower track than I expected with its first couple of episodes in introducing what’s going on with the series and that’s largely worked in its favor. With a number of game/anime series out there this year, this one doesn’t play in the younger set the way others do and that gievs it an advantage even as it has its similarities in origin and the like. With the first two episodes letting us get a feel for Shougo and his situation and the larger war that’s starting to come to light with the way this group is having its Bones being sought out and stolen, it’s been interesting but without some needed concrete foundational issues addressed. But part of that comes from the way that it’s unfolded and how Shougo has had little contact with people outside of Antonio for a bit and the briefest of introductions to the others.

With this group having watched Shougo for a bit now, they’re continuing to keep an eye on him as some of them get a little closer than others, such as Tyrone who enjoys working in Japanese gardens since they’re very relaxing. For Shougo, he’s just kind of accepting this as a weird thing and moving on, which is good since his life is busy enough anyway for a teenager. But he doesn’t get left alone when he leaves him since Antonio is intent on protecting him in his own comical way, which we see proves to be a big distraction in class. But this is to be expected since they aren’t sure about Shougo yet and Luke has made it clear they may have to kill him if he proves to be uncontrollable. But that won’t stop him from enjoying an extra large parfait since nobody outside of Japan has ever experienced such a delicacy and discovering it makes them enjoy it as much as possible.

Shougo deals with this well enough, though you can see some frustration entering into it since it’s in every part of his life before he realizes is. But he’s also not stupid enough to just give up either since another attack is going to come, and does soon enough, providing the action aspect of the episode. Interestingly, Shougo’s not able to make the transformation and that lets us see the rest go through it as they gear up and fight. The fight itself is decent, though of course we have no real connection to an enemy yet as they’re just faceless pieces at this point, and seeing the group that’s watching Shougo go through a contained space fight works nicely to see their style and abilities. But like the first two episodes, there’s not a lot that’s really captivating about the style since it does go for a more simplistic approach that in some ways both does and doesn’t work with the regular animation of the show itself.

In Summary:
The story doesn’t grow all that much here, though we get a few nudges along the way, and instead it’s more about cementing the newly arrived characters and letting us get to know them more. Sort of. There’s just a superficial aspect about them that keeps them at a distance and without any real explanations of what’s going on and just a few threats made, we mostly get to just have some action and basic character material. Admittedly, the stuff with Shougo is decent and I like Antonio well enough, but I can already sense that I’m going to tire of Antonio much sooner rather than later. The series is one that has a great look to it but it really needs to firm up more on the characters and the story.

Grade: B-

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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