Crunchyroll Adds ‘Hell Girl: Three Vessels’ Anime Series To Catalog

Crunchyroll Adds ‘Hell Girl: Three Vessels’ Anime Series To Catalog Crunchyroll is on a small roll at the moment by adding in some series to its back catalog and it definitely helps to make it a more well rounded service overall. The latest show to arrive is the newly announced Hell Girl: Three Vessels, which has been previously released on DVD by Sentai Filmworks. The first thirteen episodes are now available to premium users while free uses will get four episodes a week while the show is brought out. The show is available only to users in the US and Canada unfortunately.

Plot Concept: Just when it seemed that Ai Enma was finally at peace, Yuzuki Mikage appears: the perfect host for Ai’s damned spirit to possess! Now, as the darkest secrets of the Hell Girl threaten to consume her, Yuzuki’s attempts to maintain her own humanity become ever more desperate as the world around her slowly shatters into a terrifying series of riddles. Why has she been drawn into the world of the Hell Correspondence? What is her relationship to Ai? And has her ultimate destiny already been predetermined? As the powers of the Hell Girl continue to grow inside her, Yuzuki’s very existence is now at stake. Who and what is she, really? The shocking secrets of her past will be unlocked, the tragedies of Ai’s will be revealed, and the torch of the Hell Girl may be passed in the shocking conclusion of the Hell Girl saga!