‘Vitreous Flower Destroy[s] the World’ Anime Teaser Site Goes Live

‘Vitreous Flower Destroy[s] the World’ Anime Teaser Site Goes Live Tease a bit earlier this week, the site garakowa.jp went live today and revealed itself to be a project called Vitreous Flower Destroy[s] The World. The project is based on the D.Backup scenario that was put together by a group called Physics Unit as part of the first Anime Adaptation Prize contest back in 2013 that Pony Canyon ran. It’s now going into a bigger direction here with this adaptation that looks to have a pretty solid production team behind it.

The film is set to be directed by Masashi Ishihama, who worked recently on the anime adaptation of From the New World, working off of the screenplay by Fumihiko Shimo, whose works are well ranged from Air and Clannad to Golden Time and Amagi Brilliant Park. It’ll be animated at A-1 Pictures with Kantoku handling the character designs.

Plot concept: ‘Software’ characters fight bugs that have spread inside the box of knowledge.

[Source: ANN ]