Cat Grant Casting For ‘Arrow’ Pilot?

Cat Grant Casting For ‘Arrow’ Pilot? While it seemed like all the main characters were in place for Arrow, it looks like at least one more has been revealed as it appears that Daily Planet reporter Cat Grant may be in the pilot. According to a recent posting over at TV addict, it was indicated that the actress who played her in Smallville, Keri Lynn Pratt, is up to audition for the role in the new Green Arrow series. She’s having to re-audition for the “TMZ-style reporter” part. Surprisingly, they make it sound like the character is continuing on from what we saw in that series, covering the unexpected reappearance of Oliver Queen. Everything that has been talked about with Arrow has painted it as a completely new show and unrelated to what we had before, so this is either a surprising change or just misinformation that made its way down.

SMALLVILLE fans who are still in mourning over their dearly departed Superman series will be pleased to discover that ARROW isn’t wasting anytime when it comes to bringing familiar faces back into the fold. Less pleased, will be actress Keri Lynn Pratt, who it appears will have to re-audition for the role of Cat Grant that producers have re-imagined as a sexy TMZ-style reporter who appears in the ARROW pilot to cover the unexpected reappearance of Oliver Queen.

[Source: The TV Addict ]