Pony Canyon Sets Japanese ‘Nyan Koi!’ Anime Blu-ray Box Set

Pony Canyon Sets Japanese ‘Nyan Koi!’ Anime Blu-ray Box Set While the series has seen release in single disc form back in 2010 after the 2009 airing of the series, Nyan Koi! is getting a new box set that’s definitely priced better than a lot of shows overall. Due out on May 31st, the six disc box set collection is retailing for 16,800 yen, which is a big difference from the limited edition singles that retailed at 7,300 yen each. The set looks to be just a simple repackaging in a new box to bring it all together and deal with just one SKU since it indicates that it is a six disc box set.

The series has seen release on DVD in the US by Sentai Filmworks back in 2010.

Plot Concept: When cat-allergic Junpei Kosaka damages a statue of a cat deity, the cats don’t just get his tongue, they put theirs in his mouth! Now cursed with the ability to understand felines, Junpei must perform one-hundred great favors for cat-kind or face the fate of being turned into a cat himself!

Life quickly becomes a purrfect hell as every cat in the neighborhood starts sending Junpei their list of “requests.” And if the kitties weren’t already whipping him into a cat-atonic stupor, the women in his life are making things even worse. His sister, mom, and the girl he has secret feelings for are all cat-crazy; the local Yakuza’s daughter is playing cat and mouse; the local cat-owning monk’s daughters are acting catty; and Junpei’s childhood best friend is ready to use him as a scratching post!

[Source: Nyan Koi! BD-Box ]