‘Justice League: Doom’ Voice Cast Revealed

‘Justice League: Doom’ Voice Cast Revealed DC Comics has it’s big release due in October with Batman: Year One but that doesn’t mean the 2012 slate of titles isn’t garnering attention. The big one due next year that’s known so far is that of Justice League: Doom, which adapts Mark Waid’s story from JLA: Tower of Babel from several years ago. What’s in the news now is that the dub cast for it has been announced and it’s definitely a solid cast that should please the majority of the fans. The feature is being produced by Bruce Timm again with Lauren Montgomery handling the role of director as well based off of a script by Dwayne McDuffie that was done before he died earlier this year.

According to TV Guide , Nathan Fillion is returning to the animated world by taking on Green Lantern again while Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy will be returning to very familiar roles with Superman and Batman respectively. In addition to that, Michael Rosenbaum will take on The Flash, Carl Lumbly will be the Martian Manhunter, Susan Eisenberh will be Wonder Woman and Bumper Robinson brings the new to the franchise with the role of Cyborg who didn’t appear in the Justice League Unlimited TV series

Plot concept: Batman’s secret contingency plans to defeat his own teammates (should any of them go rogue) are stolen and put into action by a group of super villains.