One Piece Episode #650 Anime Review

One Piece Episode #650 Anime Review

One Piece Episode 650

Down time after the fight isn’t exactly relaxing for Luffy.

What They Say:
With the battle with Don Chinjao long behind him, Luffy advances to the final round! Block-D contender Cavendish, however, takes the chance and pounces on Luffy, who is defended by an unlikely ally! Meanwhile, the agenda of Colosseum gladiator Rebecca is exposed, and a voice from the past unsettles Luffy and sends him into a rage!

The Review:
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One Piece gave us a lot of time with the fight in the arena the last time around and while that kind of dragged on in some ways, it was useful for the bit of background we got about the Don and his experiences with Garp and the family in that sense. A few other areas were touched upon over the episode, but largely the big take away was seeing the two of them really get serious about the fight and the kind of lengthy stakes and grudge that existed, which Luffy has unfortunately walked into and has to deal with. It ramped up nicely and while it still feels short of some of what we’ve seen Luffy go up against before, it worked well enough that you could accept it as an increasingly difficult fight for him to deal with since there was a bit of playing around on Luffy’s side being involved there.

With the fight done and events moving towards the block winners gearing up for their fight, there’s some behind the scenes amusement that kicks in as Cavendish goes after Luffy, now realizing who he actually is. What we do get while this plays out is seeing Bartolomeo having his own flashback to the kind of admiration he’s had for Luffy and the Straw Hats for an age, which really is a huge amount of idolization that explains a lot about his mindset and what he wants to be like. It’s both nice and creepy at the same time, which is why he gets so defensive about the Straw Hats when he hears some other arena participant going off about how worthless Luffy was for not being able to save his own brother. There’s some decent stuff with all of this as it goes on and we see how those that won their blocks or are moving on are falling into place and it even makes me like Bart a bit more than I did before.

Where the show takes a curious turn is later when Luffy is just making his way through the halls of the arena and comes across a fighter that has a communications snail with a certain pirate that he knows, which is hilarious because of the visual with the beard on the snail and the visual representation. That just sets a bit more motivation for the fights to come, but we get to spend more time with Rebecca and Luffy together, which works nicely since she buys him some good food to eat for a bit. The two have a certain adorable nature between them in a way, but it starts to open up more about the arena as the two talk in a place that’s not meant for the guest competitors. It takes an interesting turn when she makes her move against him and it basically fails hard in a nearly comical way, especially when you see how Luffy reacts to it afterwards and treats her. Which is certainly his style, reinforced nicely with his particular kind of chivalry.

In Summary:
After some of the recent events, we’re closer to getting to the transformational episodes of the arc but not quite yet. This one again focuses heavily on Luffy and his arena time as he makes some discoveries across the whole thing, especially with the “mummies” at the very end that hints more as to what this arena is actually like. The stakes are rising nicely for the arc as he starts to understand some of the new motivations coming into play with Rebecca but we also see some decent minor bits with Cavendish and Bart getting a bit of background that almost – almost – makes him likable. I’d certainly like to get a few more bits of what’s going on elsewhere on the island after all that’s gone on, but the arcs haven’t caught up to each other yet to explore more until this one nudges forward enough.

Grade: B

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