‘Mitsuwa’ Anime OVA Gets First Promo

‘Mitsuwa’ Anime OVA Gets First Promo Based on the Kodansha manga by Matsumoto ItsuAkira, the first promotional video for the March 12th release of Mitsuwa has been released by King Records. The production, which is getting both a DVD and Blu-ray release in Japan, is directed by Takashi Igari with character designs by Takashi Namib. The show is being animated by studio ZEXCS with a screenplay done by Natsuko Takahashi. The Blu-ray is priced at 4,500yen while the DVD is priced at 3500yen.

The release comes with some good extras as each format comes with a second bonus CD, promotional videos, the soundtrack itself, storyboards and a booklet.

Plot concept (machine translation): Ichinose Maillot is determined to be longing to Kazuha it encounters an excursion during become Maiko. The persuade parents against, after graduating from junior high school, and came to Kyoto.  However, informed that a hurry, Okiya was going to be taken care of, was supposed to go out of business, Maillot bewildering.   However, there by chance, and reunited in one leaf.  Ask asked to introduce the landlady’s Okiya you have one leaf of “Kikuya”, and let me be studying here.  Maillot that have passed the test imposed as a condition of introduction from the landlady’s,  four Sogawa Midoriya, with Riko Kikuzuki of aspiring maiko, became able to get an education in Kikuya same.