Majestic Prince Episode #14 Anime Review

Majestic Prince Episode #14 Anime Review

Majestic Prince Episode 14

The bets are on as to what Ange’s gender is.

What They Say:
A cargo ship has gotten stuck in a gravity belt and Team Rabbits is sent to rescue them. With their units not unequipped for battle, the Fail Six are taken by surprise when Jiart and his men suddenly appear!

The Review:
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With the introduction of Ange in the previous episode, the Team Rabbts group finally got its first hardcore crazy member. With the battle at hand that we saw and the way that Ange went off on the Wulgaru in such an intense and vulgar way, for this show anyway, was pretty eye-opening and fun simply because it provided a different look at things than has gone on in the past. The rest of the team was unsure how to handle this, but it’s fun to see how they do try to connect with Ange a bit in order to bring him into the team a bit more. Or her, for that matter, since there’s still confusion among the members as to whether Ange has a member or not because of the way they dress and act.

The first half spends its time going through a variety of situations as the boys and girls each try to get a handle on Ange. Some of it is a bit blunt, some of it is just plain gender biased and other pieces are just comical, especially since Ange seems to come across as being good at a wide variety of things and shows it with ease, whether it’s with tasty treats or utilizing handguns with a passion and deep knowledge. There are fun moments with it, especially since the Team Rabbits crew just gets more and more uncertain about who Ange is, but that’s all just silly and fluffy fun in the end.

The second half takes a different but expected route as the group gets sent out on a new mission, one in which they have to rescue a cargo ship, and end up going up against some Wulgaru along the way. That leads to them doing what they do best of course, with Izuru getting all intense and everyone else doing what they usually do, but we also get Ange flying off the handle again which sends Izuru’s harmonics shooting way up, which of course is what the Wulgaru want because they want to understand what this difference is and to take it out so that it’s no longer a threat. While the story events themselves don’t really thrill much, it does work in seeing Izuru starting to hit the upper end of things, which hasn’t been seen since the early part of the show, it’s the quality of the animation and choreography that definitely hits all the right notes here.

In Summary:
Majestic Prince plays with a few fun things in a very simple way here as it spends a good chunk of its time with the Team Rabbits kids trying to figure out their new member, Ange. The question about whether Ange is a he or a she certainly has its moments and Ange keeps them guessing throughout, though not on purpose, so seeing the frustration and basic gags works well enough, though it doesn’t really do much other than to show how well rounded Ange is. With the second half focusing on the action, the show has a strong look, great animation and solid action sequences that are engaging to watch even if you don’t care who the characters are. It still hurts things in the end though, but it’s enough to keep the show at least a little interesting.

Grade: C

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