Tokyo Shock Adds ‘Parasite Doctor Suzune’ Feature Film

Tokyo Shock Adds ‘Parasite Doctor Suzune’ Feature Film While Media Blasters has added a pair of new anime licenses in the last couple of days, they shifted gears to hit up some new live action news today from their Tokyo Shock line. Newly announced, though without a planned release date yet, is Parasite Doctor Suzune (Kisei Jūi Suzune).

Plot Concept: Set within a city where parasites rage, the parasites settled into their human hosts and increases their power and sexual desires. Dr. Suzune is a parasite expert who works daily to kill the parasites. A sinister demon organization exists behind the parasites. Dr. Suzune also realizes that her father, who went missing when she was a young child, is somehow connected with the group. Violence and madness awaits for her …

NSFW trailer:

Tokyo Shock Adds ‘Parasite Doctor Suzune’ Feature Film