One Piece Episode #693 Anime Review

One Piece Episode #693 Anime Review The wonders of a single kiss.

What They Say:
Franky finally makes it into the factory and the Tontattas are reunited with their captive friends! But Princess Mansherry is nowhere to be found. Factory manager Kuween becomes irate when ignored and launches an attack on Franky while Señor Pink, wise to Frankie’s deception, arrives on the scene ready for a manly showdown!

The Review:
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As the arc has gone on, I’ve started to find myself getting closer to that phase where I need things to really happen as opposed to the drawn out side to it. For the most part, this arc has worked better overall because of the variety of things going on and the kinds of new things that have come into play, from the toys to the Tontatta’s, but I’ve also been disappointed that some characters haven’t been seen in a few months, such as the part of the crew out on the ship. We’ve had the usual arc building subplots all moving right along, and as usual some work better than others, but overall it’s been fun. But as we get further and further in, that craving to see things accomplished and to get some real encounters of merit underway is what’s driving me at this point. I want to see some stuff that matters – and resonates long term in the series.

With this episode, things do move forward again a bit here as we get some progress in the factory, since it kicks off with the Tontatta’s getting there and Franky himself making his way in. There’s definitely a good bond between the two at this point since Franky is certainly an unusual looking ally and savior that they get. But just making their way into the factory doesn’t mean anything significant overall, but it does set the next fight as Franky gets to go up against the factory manager woman, who has a very circus feeling about her. This makes for some fun action moments between the two, especially as Pink show up, but the factory manager is the one that really has the most fun here as she completely chews out Franky and is intent on taking him down only for him to launch a surprise attack. Said attack being a big smooch on the lips, which totally knocks her head over heels. That, in turn, makes her quite the innocent young woman with how her personality changes and she pleads with him to become her boyfriend. It’s comical and awful at the same time.

With that part of the arc really dominating here as it sets the stage for things, we do get a few other catch-up areas towards the back part of the second half. That has Usopp and those he’s with watching what’s going on where Doflamingo is and using her vision to get a feel for it, but it also brings in a little dialogue about Princess Mansherry, who we know little about overall. The group here does grow a bit with the arrival of Kin’emon and his friend Kanjuro, which kind of kills my enthusiasm a bit. But bringing groups together always helps move an arc forward. These little moments help overall, and we get a touch more with what Violet is able to see as she uses her vision to search for Mansherry while standing alongside King Riku, as we see the importance of Mansherry finally grow after being a non-player in things for oh so very long in this arc.

In Summary:
One Piece does what it does and it does it well, though again there are few areas here where you might consider them memorable in the long term. Those kinds of episodes do tend to be few and far between in a series of this length, though I think this arc overall will be a memorable one. Here, the piece that will likely get most remembered is the whole Franky kiss sequence, which certainly does have some good moments to it as it plays out with the reactions. But it’s also just a weird sequence that plays to some cringe inducing elements as well. The show spends a good bit of time on that fight/sequence overall, leaving us with little more to really deal with, though it does give a tease of hope just at the end. The show continues to move along – it’s not plodding at least – but it really needs to sink its teeth into something soon.

Grade: B

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