‘Yasashiku! Guuruguru Maki’ Manga Gets New Animated Promo

‘Yasashiku! Guuruguru Maki’ Manga Gets New Animated Promo Mangaka Mochiru Hoshisato kicked off their new series back in November 2014 with Yasashiku! Guuruguru Maki and now the Comic Ryu magazine has put together a new promo for it. There’s not a lot of information out there, as Comic Ryu series tend to fly under the radar, but the series is a supernatural oriented seinen one and the property looks to have some fun designs and feelings to it. Hoshisato has a few other works under their belt over the years, going back to the 90′;s, but none that were adapted into anime form.

Check out the official page for the series here , which also includes a web comic sample to try out. The first volume was released on May 13th, 2015.

Plot concept: Ordinary high school girl, Odashima Maki pick up a stuffed bear that had been abandoned in the school. But the stuffed animal he took attacked suddenly start moving in Maki!? It was Maki which was helped by a mysterious young man the place of the close call, and damage to the heart to that stuffed animal has become tattered.