Sket Dance Episode #73 Anime Review

Sket Dance Episode #73 Anime Review The new members of the student council start to reveal more about themselves, and not likely for the better.

What They Say:
A Peeping Tom is the latest miscreant to plague the students of Kaimei Academy. After that business is resolved, it’s Roman and Bossun versus the president and vice president of the Boys’ Manga Club in a manga artist free-for-all!

The Review:
With the showing having done its work recently in bringing in some new characters and adjusting the balance of the student council, it’s able to start moving forward again with some simple but fun stories. The shift in the dynamic of the student council is an area that’s going to be fun to watch as it goes on, particularly because of the new student council president but also the two new members, especially with the still mostly mysterious Katou. There’s a lot of things to be learned within that group and when they started getting more on the outside. For Tsubaki and Bossun, they’ll end up running into them the most overall which will lead to some revelations as it progresses.

For this episode, the first half starts off with someone doing something absolutely stupid; someone ends up peeping on Himeko while she’s changing into her sports uniform. When she discovers what happened, it sets the student council and Bossun and crew to find out who it was and what was going on. The peeping side has its moments as it goes on and we see the what and why, but it also gives us more time with Katou as the Sket club interacts with him and his harsh style. What he ends up doing causes the two groups to not actually come to conflict, but it puts Tsubaki in this position where he has to try and regain control since Katou is essentially looking at taking over the school. It’s a clear declaration, one that definitely shifts the nature of the student council after Agata has left.

The second half goes in an area where it should be a lot of fun but feels like it falls a little flat as it involves a manga showdown between artist clubs. We have the one we know in Roman and her club as she draws in Bossun to help out as the boys manga club issues a challenge to them. It gets amusing as the panel of judges comes into play and one riffs on Tezuka pretty well with some grin inducing moments. It doesn’t do a lot with the manga itself, unlike some episodes we’ve seen, but it has some cute moments as we see the results and explanations with its gags and parodies within. I typically like the stories involving Roman and the manga side of the series, though they can be hit or miss, but this one feels like a somewhat bland miss overall.

In Summary:
Sket Dance is in that place now where it’s starting to show some of the changes it can go through with the addition of new characters in the student council. I’m not sure what to make of Katou as he brings something different to the table here that isn’t all that interesting just yet, but it could have potential as it goes on. The better material is in seeing how Tsubaki handles the whole situation as student council president now, including getting some advice from Agata at times. The show doesn’t stick heavily to this for the whole episode and goes for a dose of manga fun which is cute but feels very superficial overall. It does make you laugh at some of what they come up with, but it also feels rather by the numbers, which reduces its enjoyment.

Grade: B

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