Ace of the Diamond Episode #18 Anime Review

Ace of the Diamond Episode #18 Anime Review

Ace of the Diamond Episode 18

Furuya be likin’ Taichi’s creepy smile.

What They Say:
“I Hate It, But…”

I want to pitch to that mitt again… A meeting with catcher Kazuya Miyuki changed the 15-year-old Eijun Sawamura’s life. He said goodbye to all his friends and knocked upon the door of Seidou, a prestigious baseball school, intent on testing his own strength. There, he met many proud baseball players who were betting everything on the sport! A classic tale, yet new and fresh. All the emotion and excitement of the popular baseball manga is at last coming to television in the form of an anime!

The Review: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Eijun’s finally getting a crash course on the finer points of pitching. Kazuya keeps telling him to pitch to the inside, because he’s so poor at it. But the thing to watch isn’t just where to throw the ball, but what they’re throwing. Taichi walked the first batter after Eijun’s first inning and he stole second after Kazuya’s first pitch at bat.

This is where Kazuya gets serious. Apparently, he’s one of those guys that can’t do very well if he’s only hitting for himself and not a guy on base (this is nerdy, but it reminds me of what I heard about Isai of Super Smash Bros Melee fame; he used to do amazing in teams and relatively poor in individuals). Kazuya hasn’t made a hit yet today, but he pulls a fastball to the outside with a single to right field. The runner on second easily makes it to home and, in short time, Kazuya’s on third and Eijun’s up to bat.

Eijun, of course, has been focusing on pitching and goes down with three pitches. But, you know, whatever. Pitchers don’t have to be hitters. In fact, the American League in the MLB doesn’t even have their pitchers hit.

The first batter stands right at the front of the batter’s box, giving him better reaction time to Eijun’s fastballs. The first pitch goes straight into Masuko’s gut and he gets the out, but barely. Eijun’s not allowing runs, but it’s all thanks to the fielding. And now, the 3-4-5 batters are up and it could be bad for Eijun.

The first ball goes to left field, where Furuya is. The center fielder makes it over there first and throws a bullet to second base. The runner, who could have made it to second easily, is now left at first thanks to good fielding. The next batter is Taichi, who Furuya struck out and who struck out Eijun in the inning prior.

Eijun’s ready now, though. He throws a perfect strike to the inside, proving that he really can’t do anything unless he has an insurmountable amount of pressure against him. In the end, the runs Furuya gave up in the first few innings was too much for Seidou to overcome. But they have their future pitching rotation with Eijun and Furuya.

In Summary:
Eijun and Furuya’s game is over, but it only highlights what they need to improve on, even after a week of hellish training. Of course, you don’t learn baseball after a week of training; it takes years, and Eijun is way behind. What’ll be interesting from here on out is how these two progress and what happens when one of them becomes the ace and the other is left behind.

Grade: B+

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