The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna Episode #12 Anime Review

The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna Episode #12 Anime Review Can we get any bigger hints or hopes for a second season?

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With Oda’s strength and presence having come across a bit like a seesaw at times depending on who she was facing and how her forces were built, she’s definitely continued to be a threat to many other people. With events forcing her to really take action and charge after what happened to Sagara in the previous episode, she’s intent on riding into the heart of things to deal with it in a big way. There’s the obvious trap aspect of it and you have to feel that she knows this, at least subconsciously, but she intends to strike out and do what needs to be done to have her revenge but also to expand her reach for Sagara and all that he (supposedly) sacrificed).

While we know that Sagara is alive, though not exactly in prime shape as he’s being nursed back to health in a cave, the majority of the episode focuses on the battle at the mountain. There’s a push by some to get to the impenetrable fortress by burning the forest, which will incite every priest and monk for miles around, and just run harder against them in an effort to smoke out and overwhelm even with smaller numbers. Nobuna’s fun to watch in this as she’s so completely serious about what needs to be done in her advance towards it, not holding back even while still not at a hundred percent.

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While it is fun to watch and has a decent budget and animation to it where the action isn’t cheaped out and the designs are solid, it does all go about as you’d predict since it’s a season (or series) finale). Bringing Sagara back into play, giving Nobuna the chance to really shine in her fight and bringing everything together well here works. The action is a big focus, but it’s tied to the characters well enough that it doesn’t feel like it’s just killing time. The “villains” of this particular fight never felt well developed so there isn’t a strong sense of accomplishment and we do get a hint once again of something larger at play behind the scenes that could easily sustain another season. The real focus here, even though they’re apart for most of the episode, is to bring Nobuna and Sagara together so it can move forward with them paired together. And it’s a pairing I like in a series that I liked far more than I expected, uneven aspects and all. I suspect the show will work even better for me in marathon form with what it wants to do. And it’s definitely left me wanting more, though I wouldn’t mind a pairing down of the cast just a bit and more of a focus on just a few characters.

Grade: B-

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