35 Ethereal and Whimsical Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses over the past decade have increasingly become more stylish and unconventional.  The dream dress has become such an important way to express a bride’s personality. If you are looking for the perfect dress that exudes romance to illustrate your unique style, let our collection of whimsical wedding dresses offer you some remarkable inspiration.

Alena Goretskaya

35 Ethereal and Whimsical Wedding Dresses

Leila Hafzi

35 Ethereal and Whimsical Wedding Dresses

Nurit Hen

35 Ethereal and Whimsical Wedding Dresses

Michael Cinco

35 Ethereal and Whimsical Wedding Dresses

Designer / Brand Information:

Alena Goretskaya | Leila Hafzi | Nurit Hen | Michael Cinco


20 Angelic Flower Girl Looks

Flower girls spread cheer and cuteness all around. From party-perfect frocks to princess-inspired gowns, flower girl fashion can vary widely.  Flower girls are typically dressed in tones similar to the bride or bridesmaid dresses, often in white or pale pastel palettes.  Let these angelic ideas below delight your adorable little ladies.

Dreamy & Romantic

20 Angelic Flower Girl Looks

Credits (from top left): Jana Williams Photography / KT Merry Photography / Jackie Ray Photography / KT Merry Photography / Sarah Kathleen / Hello May / Virgil Bunao Fine Art Weddings / Kim Selby of Red Telegram / KT Merry Photography / Clary Photo / Caroline Tran / Figtree Pictures

Adorable young flower girls

20 Angelic Flower Girl Looks

Credits (from top left): Adele Cabanillas / Claudia McDade Photography / Julie Wilhite / Colby Elizabeth Photography / Crush Culdesac on Tumblr / Kristen Gardner / Pasha Belman / Jose Villa

Wedding Planning 101 – How to Hire Your Wedding Photographer

Today, we are excited to talk about how to choose your wedding photographer! One who will be fun to hang with on your wedding day, professional and experienced enough to exceed your expectations, and so talented that they will produce the dream images you will treasure forever! Here are our suggestions for finding and hiring the best photographer for your wedding.

Wedding Planning 101 – How to Hire Your Wedding Photographer
photo by Aspect Photography

Choose Your Style

You’ll find over 200 outstanding photographers on the Junebug Weddings World’s Best Wedding Photographers Hotlist . Each one has a distinctive style and all of them are available for travel. In fact, many of our member photographers specialize in destination weddings.

You may want to look for a photographer who lives near your home or wedding location, but don’t stop there as you may find someone who fits your style to a tee listed somewhere else. View the photographer’s website and blog, and imagine yourself in their pictures. Look at how they pose, (or don’t pose), the couples they’re photographing and ask yourself if their style feels right for you. View a body of work from several weddings and take note of how well the photographer shoots in different lighting situations and under different circumstances. If you’re drawn to natural light photos in sun-drenched places but you’re getting married in an elegant ballroom lit by chandeliers, you’ll want to be sure your photographer excels at capturing photos indoors.

Read the photographer’s bio to see if you are likely to connect well, and gather all the information you can about their approach to wedding photography. If you are looking for high-fashion portraits of you and your guests you’ll want to choose someone who specializes in that type of work. Alternatively, if you would rather not pose for your pictures you may want to choose an artist who takes a documentary, photojournalistic approach to wedding photography.

Wedding Planning 101 – How to Hire Your Wedding Photographer
photo by Todd Hunter McGaw

Connect and Communicate

Once you’ve found at least five photographers who you would like to contact, reach out and see if your date is available. Ask each artist to provide you with their latest pricing, packages, and contract information as well as several references, and set up a phone consultation. Ask about their approach to their work, and what makes them love shooting weddings, and find out what you can expect from them on your wedding day and throughout your relationship. Keep in mind that not every great photographer is a great wedding photographer, so be sure whoever you choose has ample experience shooting weddings.

Wedding Planning 101 – How to Hire Your Wedding Photographer
photo by Veli Photography

Evaluate Your Options

Once you have a good set of choices, evaluate the information youve gathered. Think about the quality of customer service youve received so far, and how you feel about the photographers youve contacted. Ask yourself who you trust the most and how excited you are to have them as your wedding photographers. Consider their pricing and packages and how important wedding photography is to you in terms of your overall budget. It’s easy to let the many aspects of wedding planning overwhelm you and forget to prioritize your expenses. Keep in mind that when your wedding day is over, your photos will help you remember it for the rest of your lives together.

Once you’ve made the connection with the right photographer, share your vision for you wedding and your personalities, so your photos can be a true reflection of your story. Chemistry between you and your photographer is vital to ensure you look relaxed in your pictures and that you fully enjoy your wedding day.

Wedding Planning 101 – How to Hire Your Wedding Photographer
photo by Ross Harvey

Relax and Revel in Your Wedding

When you’re wedding day arrives, be sure you’ve allocated all the time you need for the pictures you want, and then relax and let your photographer create the images you’ve hired them for. When you work with an outstanding photographer there is no need for you to worry that they will miss anything important and they’re bound to capture hundreds of priceless, in-the-moment images that you could never imagine ahead of time. So, walk down the aisle, dance with abandon, party with your guests and let your photographer handle all the little things that go into creating amazing wedding images.

Wedding Planning 101 – How to Hire Your Wedding Photographer
photo by Sam Hurd

Be sure to head on over to our World’s Best Wedding Photographers Hotlist to find your dream photographer! Every artist and team we recommend has extraordinary talent, solid experience, and a proven track record of outstanding customer service!

Wedding Planning 101 – How to Hire Your Wedding Photographer

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Romantic Elegant Hawaii Wedding from Derek Wong

We are so in love with this Bride and her gorgeous, stylish Hawaii affair. The perfect combination of elegant details, gorgeous locale, and pure happiness is simply magical! Trista & Steve’s wedding is a personality-packed pretty-fest, and their adorable love story made us smile from ear to ear. The wedding photos captured perfectly by Derek Wong Photography illustrate the true emotions and beautiful details of the day. Join us as we share this wedding story below.

Romantic Elegant Hawaii Wedding from Derek Wong

Love Story

Steve met Trista through a mutual friend while he was on vacation in Taiwan. Believe it or not, Steve claims he could tell that Trista was the one after they first met! Trista would always ask him how he could tell and his response was always: “Because you were glowing!”  To be clear, they didn’t meet at a rave and she wasn’t wearing any bright colors, maybe it was her Asian glow.

On their very first Christmas, Steve surprised Trista by sending her a big box. Inside was a stuffed animal, a t-shirt, a notebook and lots of Teuscher dark chocolates!  The note said on a cold Christmas Trista could wear the big t-shirt, hug the stuffed animal in one hand, eat the chocolates with the other and think of him!  This guy sounds creepy.

After a few weeks, Steve flew back to Taiwan to spend New Years with Trista, and then again on Valentine’s week.  Steve was very romantic and he planned everything way in advance. One thing Trista will always remember was that during Valentine’s week, in addition to the beautiful flowers and romantic dinner, Steve made her pick a number from 1-5 every morning and each number represented a different surprise!  Trista told her dad about it and he commented: “this guy really has some moves, where did he learn all that?”

They continued to keep in touch and talk on the phone until Steve convinced Trista to visit him in California in April 2012.  He took her to Napa where she met a lot of his closest friends.  At that time she was still a bit shy, but after a few glasses of wine, it was clear who the alpha dog was!
Steve continued to court Trista and even went to meet her parents in June 2012 (2 months after Trista’s visit).  On the same trip he somehow convinced everyone that it would be great idea for Trista to spend the summer in CA.

After kidnapping her they spent the whole summer together laughing and getting to know each other more.  He took her everywhere including Disneyland, Vegas and Tahoe.  It was clear they connected on many levels and shared the same values.  Oh and the conversations were good too!
Trista was scheduled to head back to Taiwan in September but Steve wouldn’t let her go.  Instead he convinced her to sign up for Pilate’s instructor certification.  He also came up with a few excuses including not being able to see her for a long time if she left.  So guess what?  She agreed to stay a bit longer.

Romantic Elegant Hawaii Wedding from Derek Wong

Proposal story

In November, Steve secretly organized a “girls-only brunch” with a few of his friends’ wives and girlfriends at Half Moon Bay.  Wanting to get to know them better, Trista quickly agreed to the brunch.  Steve suggested meeting Trista after and spending the weekend there because he was stressed at work.  Trista was suspicious something was up only to be disappointed when all of the girls left after the brunch.

They spent the rest of the afternoon together before having a very late dinner.  Trista’s suspicion was completely dispelled after he canceled dessert and asked for the bill.

On the way back to the room, Steve was grumpy and asked her to open the door.  As she was about to retort back what kind of gentleman doesn’t open the door for a lady the room opened up to balloons, flowers, chocolate covered strawberries and champagne.  He got down on one knee to Adele’s Make You Feel My Love and the rest is history.

Romantic Elegant Hawaii Wedding from Derek Wong

Planning priorities

Trista & Steve: Flowers and beautiful photos were very important to us! The first vendor we locked down was our photographer Derek Wong.  After that it took forever to research for the right florist, because all Trista wanted was beautiful flowers in the photos!

Romantic Elegant Hawaii Wedding from Derek Wong

Advice for other couples

Trista & Steve: Definitely start planning early and really spend time writing your vows.  They are forever!  Also, each person should identify what is most important to them for the wedding. That way you only compromise on those 2 things last.

Romantic Elegant Hawaii Wedding from Derek Wong

Wedding design information

Wedding Theme: romantic and elegant

Number of guests: 60

Best moment: when we saw each other for the first time after getting dressed

Budget: Steve said I can have whatever I want as long as it’s not “too crazy”

Favorite details: beautiful flowers

What made the day special: the fact that all our loved ones were there for us to share our happiness!

Sweet thoughts from the Bride

Trista: I was so happy that I smiled all day long.  My cheeks were so sore afterwards! And the most special thing is of course my husband Steven Trieu. He’s my dream-come-true and my happiness.

Romantic Elegant Hawaii Wedding from Derek Wong

Thoughts from the photographer

Derek Wong: A Bride and Groom once asked me what makes a beautiful wedding.  Everything really can add to the event and make it special.  In Trista & Steve’s case, they really put a lot of thought in the look and feel for their event.

Trista’s dress was custom made and was the right fit and style for her.  It was very flattering on her at all angles.  Steve made sure all his Groomsmen’s suits were tailored fit, and details such as this make a difference in the overall look of the wedding.

Trista & Steve also used some of the best wedding vendors in the industry.  Sarah Aoyama, their wedding coordinator, really knows how to create a great event.  The hair and makeup was very flattering as well.

Most importantly, the couple had great chemistry and they were surrounded by some really great friends and family that made the wedding a truly memorable event.

About Derek Wong Photography

Derek Wong has created some of the most memorable wedding images in Hawaii. He is recognized as one of the World’s Top Wedding Photographers. What sets him apart from other photographers are his attention to detail, commitment to quality, and talent for capturing moving images.

Romantic Elegant Hawaii Wedding from Derek Wong

Find the photographer:

Derek Wong Photography Website | Facebook

Other vendors:

Venue: Halekulani |   Flowers: Debbie Hemingway |   Coordinator: Sarah Aoyama of Engaging Moments |   Videographer: Imaginewurks |   DJ: Tony So |   Hair and makeup: Nene Sakata |   Photobooth: Studio X |   Chairs: Chair Cover Express

Romantic Lavender Wedding Palette

Did you know that purple is the top wedding color in google searches? Purple really brings a feeling of elegance and beauty. It’s easy to see why this color is so popular with its various shades and flexibility to adapt to any color combo. Take a look at today’s beautiful purple wedding elements we have collected to inspire your romantic senses!

Romantic Lavender Wedding Palette

Credits (from top left): Origami Creatives / Benjamin and Elise / Yitzhak Dalal / Kate Robinson / Catherine Mac Photography / Axioo Photography / Jae Photo & Design / Merry Marry / Karen Tran / Grass Tso of 123 Cheese

25 Creative Ceremony Backdrop Ideas

How do you make your ceremony venue stand out in a unique way? Creative brides and stylists are scouring for fun ways for the altar to pop.  Ceremony backdrops not only look stunning in photos, but also help set the mood and express your style and theme.  There are many creative ways you can design your ceremony backdrop to add that wow factor to your venue.  Let these creative designs below get you inspired.


25 Creative Ceremony Backdrop Ideas

Credits (from top left): Anna Delores Photography / Allie Rae Photography / Sonya Khegay / Kate Ignatowski Photography / Esther Sun Photography / Paige Lowe Photography / Pat Furey Photography / Stone Crandall Photography / With Love & Embers


25 Creative Ceremony Backdrop Ideas

Credits (from top left): Izzy Hudgins Photography / Your Cloud Parade / Our Labor of Love / Inspired By This / MAD Fotos / Simply Bloom Photography / Tyler Siems Photography


25 Creative Ceremony Backdrop Ideas

Credits (from top left): Dreamlove Photography / Scarlet O’Neill / Tammy Horton Photography / Birds of a Feather Photo / He and She Photo / Amanda K Photography / Studio Castillero / Studio 222 Photography / Jason + Anna Photography

Love is in the air ! Adorable Balloon Photo Ideas

We love seeing different photographer’s visions when incorporating balloons into engagement photos. Balloons make adorable props and backdrop, and it’s also a great way to add pops of color.   Fun, free-spirited, romantic, dreamy, and sweet, the possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas we absolutely adore. Get ready for some lovely inspiration!

Large round balloons

Love is in the air ! Adorable Balloon Photo Ideas

Credits (from top left): Carmen and Ingo Photography / Jana Williams / Clayton Austin / Michelle March / Anthony Hoang / Kelian Photography / Daniel Lateulade / Priscila Valentina Photography

Latex balloons

Love is in the air ! Adorable Balloon Photo Ideas

Credits (from top left): Figtree Pictures Photography / White Haute Photography / Simply Bloom Photography / Thuyh Pham / Pictures and Heart Photography / Simply Bloom Photography / Axioo Photography / Brittany Esther