35 Summer Lifestyle Engagement Photo Ideas

With summer fast approaching, many of you lovelies are probably getting ready for some outdoors engagement shoots. We figured it’s about time to share some summery engagement photo ideas. Remember that your engagement photos should tell your love story, show your unique style as a couple, and include some of your favorite activities and places. Enjoy these refreshing ideas below and get inspired!


35 Summer Lifestyle Engagement Photo Ideas

Credits (from top left): Alix Loosle / Chelsea Nicole Photography / Easy Dreamer Photography / Hannah Blackmore Photography / Kristin Vining Photography / Dominique Fierro / Stewart Leishman Photography / Lara Rios Fine Art Photography / Priscila Valentina / Aria Photography


35 Summer Lifestyle Engagement Photo Ideas

Credits (from top left): KT Merry / Jana Williams / Naomi Chokr Photography / Elizabeth Messina / Naomi Chokr Photography / KT Merry / Micko Photo / Caroline Tran / Caroline Tran


35 Summer Lifestyle Engagement Photo Ideas

Credits (from top left): Katie Stoops / Laura Izumikawa Photography / Glass Jar Photography / Dina Chmut Photography / Jose Villa / Priscila Valentina / Christa Kimble / Glass Jar Photography


35 Summer Lifestyle Engagement Photo Ideas

Credits (from top left): With Love & Embers / Joey Kennedy / Simply Bloom Photography / Simply Bloom Photography / Catarina Zimbarra / AK Studio & design / AK Studio & Design / Amelia Lyon

30 Creative Wedding Menu Ideas

Our favorite part about wedding design is how you can take the smallest detail and turn it into something fresh and unique!  Menus are generally a “boring-but-necessary” item, but a wedding menu with a creative spin will get your guests talking and make the wait for the food more worthwhile.  Here are some menu ideas we absolutely love, get ready to be inspired!

Creative Presentation

30 Creative Wedding Menu Ideas

Credits (from top left): Sarah Kate / Hilton Pittman Photography / Beau and Arrow Events / KT Merry Photography / Heidi Ryder Photography / Danielle Capito / Elizabeth Messina / Mademoiselle Fiona / Hitch and Sparrow / Objektiv Photography

Place Setting

30 Creative Wedding Menu Ideas

Credits (from top left): MEF Photography / Martha Stewart Weddings / Divine Light Photography / Inkspot Photography / La Luz Photography / Jose Villa Photography / Justin Marantz / Nancy Neil Photography / Rylee Hitchner Photography

Boards and Displays

30 Creative Wedding Menu Ideas

Credits (from top left): Jason + Anna Photography / Elisa B Photography / Martha Stewart Weddings / Brightwood Photography / Nancy Ray / Cameron Ingalls / Jose Villa / Jodi Miller Photography / Rebecca Hollis Photography / Jen Fariello / Gavin Farrington Photography

35 Gorgeous Glittering Wedding Ideas

All that glitters is among the top wedding trends now, especially for those of you who love sparkly ideas. There are lots of different ways to incorporate glittery glam wisely.  Check out these lovely ideas below and get ready to shine!


35 Gorgeous Glittering Wedding Ideas

Credits (from top left): Sarah Seven / Apryl Ann / Shannon Nicole Smith Photography / Rensche Mari / The Nichols / BHLDN / Erica Elizabeth / KT Merry / Three Nails Photography / The Photography of Haley Sheffield / This be Grace


35 Gorgeous Glittering Wedding Ideas

Credits (from top left): Rebecca Arthurs / The Photography of Haley Sheffield / Amanda K Photography / Pure 7 Studios / Hey Gorg / Scott Andrews / Jeff Loves Jessica / Scarlet O’Neill Photography / Anna Jaye Photography


35 Gorgeous Glittering Wedding Ideas

Credits (from top left): Susan Sancomb Photography / Justin Marantz / Lavender & Twine / Eric Kelley Photography / The Photography of Haley Sheffield / Scott Andrews / Jen Simpson Design


35 Gorgeous Glittering Wedding Ideas

Credits (from top left): Sugar and Cloth / Scarlet O’Neill Photography / Kristyn Hogan / White Loft Studio / The Paper Pony / Vitalic Photo / Freutcake / The TomKat Studio

28 Short and Chic Summer Wedding Dresses

Short wedding dresses have become a new trend now, especially for brides who prefer summer, beach, or outdoor wedding themes! Modern short wedding gowns can be romantic, sexy, noble, elegant, or any style you want. They are not only stylish, but also more comfortable and easier for the bride to walk and run.  Check out these summery short wedding dresses we absolutely love.

High-Low Dress

28 Short and Chic Summer Wedding Dresses

Credits (from top left): Dearte / Agnes Bridal Dreams / Alena Goretskaya / Grace Loves Lace / Grace Loves Lace / Joe Challita / Love Found True / Leila Hafzi

Beach Look

28 Short and Chic Summer Wedding Dresses

Credits (from top left): DB Studio at David’s Bridal / Bari Jay / Kate Spade / Love Found True / Love Found True

Dreamy & Romantic

28 Short and Chic Summer Wedding Dresses

Credits (from top left): Colet / Suzanne Ermann / Leanne Marshall / Sarah Seven / Ivy & Aster / Sarah Seven

Fashion Forward

28 Short and Chic Summer Wedding Dresses

Credits (from top left): Tobi Hannah / Hayley Paige / Oscar De La Renta / Marchesa / Elihav Sasson / Léber Barbara

Hawaii DIY Destination Wedding from Allen Fu Photography

Maibelle is dear to our hearts for obvious reasons. If you’ve been following our Asian Site , you’ve probably seen some of her creative posts as the CCO of Pinkoi , one of the largest online marketplace in Asia. Maibelle’s talent and creativity know no boundaries, and she has infused her awesomeness into her very own wedding day!

Maibelle & Wayne are both designers / artists by trade, so it’s no surprise that their wedding was chock-full of fun with tons of neat personal details, all designed by themselves. Pair a beautiful DIY wedding with a breathtaking setting like Hawaii, the result is unabashed magic and smiles miles wide! It’s the kind of wedding story that you don’t want to miss a moment of, from the fun love story, honest sharing of wedding planning experience, to the gorgeous images captured perfectly by our favorite Allen Fu Photography .  Join us for all the pretty!

Hawaii DIY Destination Wedding from Allen Fu Photography

I married my best friend!

From the Bride (Maibelle): We met through the Internet in the winter of 2004. At that time I was busy adapting to my new life in New York, while Wayne had just moved from L.A. back to San Francisco Bay Area, where he grew up. When we first got to know each other, he challenged me with a question: “do you know how far is the distance between San Francisco and New York?” And I took the challenge by actually trying to search up for the right answer. He certainly left an unforgettable first impression.

We became good friends after that and could chat about everything from design, art, life, politics, toys, faith, to any other subject matter that we thought of.  We enjoyed talking to each other and realized that we had many thoughts and beliefs in common.

In Spring of 2015, I visited him in San Francisco. That was our first face-to-face encounter, and guess what?  It was love at first sight! When I returned to New York to continue my studies, we started a long-distance relationship.

Our personalities are very different.  Wayne is very laid-back, energetic, optimistic, and friendly; I’m more serious and alert, but we became the perfect match! We are each other’s best friend and we could talk about absolutely anything and everything. Even when we have conflicts, we could manage to solve them quickly by using our unique “draw a strategic diagram” way to figure things out.

Now we own an art studio together, which developed a new “partnership” between us, more than just friends, lovers, and family. It’s great to pour out your passion on a common goal and experience growth together.

Hawaii DIY Destination Wedding from Allen Fu Photography

Picking the venue

Maibelle: When we started planning for the wedding, I was traveling between Taipei and Silicon Valley for work (Pinkoi), and Wayne was still staying in San Francisco. We figured that we could pick somewhere in between so it’s not too far for our family and friends to travel. We both love the blue sky and shoreline views, so we decided Hawaii would be the ideal location for our special day.

Hawaii DIY Destination Wedding from Allen Fu Photography

Get things organized

Maibelle: We organized the wedding all by ourselves. Planning a rustic DIY wedding was a lot of fun but also quite a challenge, especially when you are planning a wedding abroad. We had to pay attention to the details and make sure that we communicated with our vendors very well.

Hawaii DIY Destination Wedding from Allen Fu Photography

Advice for other couples – trust in teamwork!

Maibelle: Planning a wedding is like organizing a group project in many ways, teamwork is very important! Please don’t be afraid to ask your bridesmaids or friends and family to help! When I first started planning, I tried not to “bother” anyone else by doing it all by myself, and I ended up feeling a little overwhelmed.  As time flew by, Wayne couldn’t stand my frustration and decided to help out more, but it was still like a crazy battlefield in the last few days before the wedding. Luckily the results turned out very well.  My advice to brides-to-be: it’s all about teamwork, get as much help as you can, don’t stress yourself out!

Hawaii DIY Destination Wedding from Allen Fu Photography

Wedding design general information

Budget: around US $30,000

Number of guests: approximately 60

Color palette: blue, mint, pink

Most memorable moment: When we shared our vows and stories.  It was so touching to see each other’s sincere expression and think of how fortunate we are that we get to experience more good times together in the future.

Hawaii DIY Destination Wedding from Allen Fu Photography

Favorite wedding design details

Maibelle: The process of designing and making our own invitation was an  unforgettable experience.  I still remember us discussing what kind of elements we wanted to include, and Wayne drawing out cartoon character sketches to represent us (and we were laughing at the unrealistically skinny waist he drew).  Then we sat in our backyard trying to test-fold triangular boxes in different sizes. When the designs were finally printed we took countless photos in excitement, and spent many nights handmaking the mini flags.  All those were precious times we spent together to create something that was truly ours.

Hawaii DIY Destination Wedding from Allen Fu Photography

Thoughts from the photographer

Allen Fu Photography: Wayne and Mai’s wedding was one of the most fun weddings I have ever photographed, not only because it was in the beautiful island of Hawaii, but the amount of thoughts and details they put into the wedding made it one of a kind.

Wayne and Mai are both incredibly talented artists, everything you see from the little houses on the table, the giant dinosaur balloons and the personal touch of their cocktail bar. It gave me such a joy knowing I was able to capture all those thoughts and details for them.

Hawaii DIY Destination Wedding from Allen Fu Photography

Allen Fu Photography: What really made the wedding fun were the people they had at the wedding. Just when they opened the dance floor, it started to rain! It went from light shower to pouring in about 15 mins, oh yeah, and the only thing that was covering the dance floor was two strings of lights! I thought people would have waited for the rain to stop but I was wrong, one by one, people started dancing in the rain, and I also found myself shooting in the rain with them! I felt that was the best moment of the whole wedding when Wayne and Mai were surrounded by the people who love them and was there to celebrate with them even if it meant getting soaked dancing in the rain!

Hawaii DIY Destination Wedding from Allen Fu Photography

About Allen Fu Photography

Hi my name is Allen, I am not really good with words but what I am good at is telling a story through my cameras. Growing up in three different countries, Taiwan, New Zealand and USA, had helped me see and understand things in different cultures which can translate into my work. I love photography, I love how I am able to tell stories through photography. I love natural, unpretentious, honest and lifestyle moments. If you are like me, I hope you will like my work as well!

Hawaii DIY Destination Wedding from Allen Fu Photography

Find the photographer:

Allen Fu Photography Website | Facebook

Other Vendors:

Venue: Loulu Palm Estate, Hawaii   |   Wedding Dress: Sally F.Li |   Wedding Planner: Tofufu Studio |   Bridesmaid Dresses: Little Borrowed Dress |   Day-of Coordinator: Let’s Do This! |   Floral Design: Passion Roots |   Bar: Greg & Dricka   |   Hair and Makeup: Whik’d

Wedding Planning 101 – Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

Amidst the flurry of sparkling diamonds and champagne that ultimately follows the engagement, it’s easy to lose sight of what the wedding day is really all about – the wedding ceremony. Whether you decide to have a traditional ceremony or to throw the rule book out the window altogether, the following elements are essential to achieving the one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony that you will remember forever, and your guests will as well.

Wedding Planning 101 – Planning Your Wedding Ceremony
Photo by Daniele Del Castillo

“The Talk”
Give yourself a break from the cake tastings and tux fittings long enough to sit down with your fiancé and have an honest discussion about what marriage means to you, and how you want to express that through your ceremony. Talking about the marriage, not the wedding, is a wonderful way to deepen the connection between you and your partner as you navigate the demands of planning a wedding.

Wedding Planning 101 – Planning Your Wedding Ceremony
Photo by Richard Israel

Setting the Mood
Set the tone for the rest of your wedding day by choosing the perfect backdrop for your ceremony. What kind of mood do you wish to evoke during your vows, an atmosphere that’s grand and opulent, or romantic and intimate? How about a place with sentimental value, like the church your parents were married in or the beach where you went for a walk on your first date?

Once you’ve settled on the perfect location, consider the following elements: seating arrangements, lighting and decor. Not many couples consider alternate seating arrangements for their guests, but you can greatly improve sightlines and bring your guests closer by arranging the chairs in a semicircle or even a full circle around you. You can also consider an unconventional ceremony location, like the incredible amphitheater below or a stage. When choosing your ceremony lighting decor, don’t hesitate to keep it simple. Believe it or not, something as simple as adding flickering candlelight can completely change the feeling of the ceremony. Remember, the ceremony is all about you and the commitment you are making to stand by your partner for the decades to come. Save the elaborate decor for your celebration to follow!

Wedding Planning 101 – Planning Your Wedding Ceremony
Photo by A Brit & A Blonde

Finding Your Voice
Whether you choose to follow a traditional wedding ceremony structure or to make it all your own, one of the easiest ways to distinguish your ceremony from others is by selecting passages and readings that deeply reflect your individual views, either spiritual or secular, on what makes a strong marriage and partnership. These days it is also quite common for couples to exchange personalized vows, but if you have always dreamed of saying the traditional vows, do both! This is a great way to infuse your personalities into the ceremony. Or, if you’re nervous at the thought of speaking in front of so many people, ask your musicians to play a song while you quietly exchange your promises for only you and your spouse to hear. Many couples also ask a friend or close family member to officiate. If this is something that interests you, visit the Universal Life Church Monastery to become legally ordained in the US.

Wedding Planning 101 – Planning Your Wedding Ceremony
Photo by Elaine Palladino

Celebrating and Creating Tradition
Oftentimes in a wedding ceremony, there is a symbolic ritual that represents two lives becoming one, the most common of which is the unity candle. There are alternatives to this traditional concept, such as the “blessing of the hands,” where the couple places their hands in each other’s and the officiant reads a passage reminding the couple that with these hands they will build a life, hold their family together and love and support each other until their hands are wrinkled and aged. There are many different versions of this ritual that can be either spiritual or secular, and all are incredibly moving. We always love a fresh take on a traditional idea, so to put a spin on the unity candle tradition, give each guest a candle to hold during your ceremony. Invite your musicians to play while you have your guests pass the flame from person to person, and then use the same flame to light your unity candle. This is a beautiful way to honor all the people present who have helped you become the people you are today.

Wedding Planning 101 – Planning Your Wedding Ceremony
Photo by Jinda Photography

There is nothing in the world that speaks to the soul like music does. Our advice here is brief, but just as important: choose songs that have a special place in your heart and in your life. Walk down the aisle to the same song your mother did, ask a close friend or family member to perform during the ceremony, or play your grandfather’s favorite song to honor his memory. All we can say is, be sure to choose music that speaks to you and also reflects the overall tone and mood of your ceremony.

Wedding Planning 101 – Planning Your Wedding Ceremony
Photo by Elizabeth Messina

The Written Word
An element that is often overlooked, the ceremony programs present the perfect opportunity to add a little something extra to your day. Your program can include so much more than just the names of your bridal party. If your ceremony has special traditions that your guests may not have seen before, include a little background information for them. Most importantly however, include special dedications and express your appreciation for all those who have supported you throughout the years.

Wedding Planning 101 – Planning Your Wedding Ceremony
Photo by Ely Brothers

The Exit
There’s nothing quite like that moment when you’re presented to your friends and family as an officially married couple, and you get to walk back up the aisle to the cheers of your loved ones. Make it even more fun and add a little flair to your recessional with with these ideas for your wedding grand exit send off !

Wedding Planning 101 – Planning Your Wedding Ceremony
Photo by Thierry Joubert of Pretty Days

Looking for more Wedding Planning 101 advice? Here’s all you need to get started !

Wedding Planning 101 – Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

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22 Lovely Dessert Table Designs

Dessert tables have taken the wedding world by storm, and they are elevating the sweet tooth into an artistic form.  A beautifully designed dessert bar can really pull the whole wedding theme together and impress your guests.  However, dessert tables can be a lot of work to pull off.  Selecting the right combination, color, and number of sweets and putting them together with appropriate decoration requires a creative vision.  We’ve collected some gorgeous dessert table examples below designed by talented professionals to bring your sweet inspiration to the next new level!


RubyJu is based on the Gold Coast, Australia.  Bec and Tammi’s dessert tables and candy buffets are truly unique and always make a divine focal point for your party or event.  Incorporating your personal style into their designs, the girls from RubyJu can turn your dream into a reality with memories that will leave an everlasting impression on you and your guests forever.

22 Lovely Dessert Table Designs

Amy Atlas

At Amy Atlas Events , we believe that your party should be an expression of you. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and come up with a theme that reflects your personality. We’ll make what inspires you the essence of your party. If you haven’t decided on a theme yet, we can come up with some ideas together to create a visually stunning event using tailored color schemes and designs.

22 Lovely Dessert Table Designs

Just Call Me Martha

My name is Leoni Jena and I am a mum of 4 lovely but very active young girls. The name “ Just call me Martha ” originated as a bit of tongue in cheek humour since I bake, sew, craft and paint (like my idol Martha Stewart). Since then the name has stuck. I found my passion for cake decorating by sheer accident when I couldn’t find anyone to make fondant animals for my youngest daughter’s farm themed cake. I decided to give the figurines a go and to my (and everyone else’s surprise) they turned out quite well. The rest as they say is history.

22 Lovely Dessert Table Designs

Leo & Bella

Leo & Bella is a Melbourne based boutique online store. We stock a variety of drink dispensers, cake stands, candy jars, milk bottles and dessert table & party accessories. Delivering Australia Wide. Let Leo & Bella create a beautiful dessert table at your next event. From personalised stationery and all the party planning down to the last details. Drop me and email for your next special occasion.

22 Lovely Dessert Table Designs

Little Big Company

Little Big Company is an online store & party styling Co. Our shop sells unique and gorgeous party wares.  We love to style parties and weddings!  We create gorgeous candy buffets and dessert tables for the little and big special occasions in your life.

22 Lovely Dessert Table Designs

Find the artists:

RubyJu | Amy Atlas | Just Call me Martha | Leo & Bella | Little Big Company