Celebrity Wedding Photographer – Let There Be Light

There’s a reason why a wedding day is referred to as The Big Day. It is a one-time celebration of love, filled with memories and emotions.  It is also an event that really brings people together. Think of all the planning that goes into this one day, it’s an event like no other.  There are so many great photo opportunities at a wedding that do not present themselves in many other occasions.  How will you remember what the flowers looked like after they wilt? What will your last memories of the guests be? How can you keep every detail of  your beautiful wedding dress, perfect bridal makeup, and gorgeous hairstyle?  Wedding photography is the best way to immortalize your big day, and having a good wedding photographer sure makes a big difference.

Today we’d like to welcome one of the most highly sought-after wedding photographers in Asia, Let There Be Light (LTBL), to share their knowledge and stories about wedding photography.  The Singaporean photography company boasts a long roster of A-list celebrity weddings, including Christine Fan & Blackie Chen, Barbie Hsu & Wang Xiaofei, and Ella Chen (S.H.E.) & Alvin Lai.

We fell in love with LTBL’s work the minute we first saw it.  Their vision and creativity for wedding photography is definitely distinctive.  Their style is clean, emotional, artistic, sincere, and edgy.  You can really see the infectious passion in every photo they present, it’s like they have a vibe that’s constantly shouting “Let us show you the love“!  Their talent turned many moments into a visual feast that will last a lifetime. We are honored to have Let There Be Light on Praise today, and we hope you all enjoy this interview and their beautiful work of love.

Celebrity Wedding Photographer – Let There Be Light

Partner with Vocare Media (Cinematography)

Praise: How did you start the studio?  Where did the name “Let There Be Light” came from?

LTBL: We started shooting in the wedding industry since 2001.  It was from the lost of a loved one that we truly understood that photography is one of the best ways to preserve memories.  Sometimes no matter how hard you try to remember an experience, memories of it will eventually fade away in time. With this understanding in mind, we decided to make photography our lifetime career and officially started Let There Be Light Photography studio in 2005.

We are Christians, and our business name ” Let There Be Light” came from the first recorded words that God spoke.  Our mission is to bring the light of love with us wherever we go, in whatever situation we face.

Celebrity Wedding Photographer – Let There Be Light

Praise: How do you keep yourselves motivated and inspired?

LTBL: One of our biggest strengths is that we really enjoy being married in our own personal lives.  Every week is like our wedding week and that’s the excitement that kept us going for so long. Also, it’s important to keep a thankful heart and always appreciate the fact that our clients have chosen us to be part of their very special day.

Celebrity Wedding Photographer – Let There Be Light

Praise: How do you capture the critical moments and emotions naturally?

LTBL: We feel them. It’s easier to catch these moments when we ourselves are actually living in the moment.

Celebrity Wedding Photographer – Let There Be Light

Praise: How do you interact with your clients?

LTBL: We see every wedding as a different celebration. There is no right or wrong about what needs to be done, or what tradition needs to be followed. At the end of the day, as long as the couple is happy with their party, it means that their love and their union is being celebrated!

Celebrity Wedding Photographer – Let There Be Light

Praise: What is your suggestion to brides for picking an ideal photographer for their wedding?

LTBL: Beside capturing beautiful images, it’s also very important to have an experienced photographer who knows how much hard work you put into searching for the right pair of shoes, designing your gown, customizing your rings, etc.  Any skilled photographer can take pretty photos, but only someone who understands how much the wedding means to you will try his/her best to understand your needs and give you the best results.

Go for someone that’s tactful and patient too. The last thing you need to handle on your wedding day is for your family to feel uncomfortable when the photographer is tactless, especially when facing elders and children.

Celebrity Wedding Photographer – Let There Be Light

Praise: How did you get so many work opportunities with regional superstars? What are some challenges you faced when capturing celebrity weddings?

LTBL: It all started in 2008 during Anthony’s first shoot with Blackie in Singapore. Blackie encouraged Anthony to visit Taiwan and explore the market there.  Anthony took the advice and led to more job opportunities.  His involvement in the entertainment and film industry naturally developed more wedding cases when celebrities he worked with got married.

The biggest challenges we get from celebrity weddings is probably quick and short turnover time.  You need to shoot, select, and send photos out to the press immediately.  The usual turnaround time for normal weddings is around a month, but for the stars, it’s often a day.

Celebrity Wedding Photographer – Let There Be Light

Let There be Light Photography leading photographers from: Wedding Photography Network / Eyedeas Photography / Gabriel Mendes Photography / Plush Photography / Quiet Shoes Photography / Tiny Dot Photography / William Chua Photography

Praise: Do you do destination weddings? If so, where?

LTBL: Yes, we do. We’ve covered wedding shoots in Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia and Europe so far, and we are open for more opportunities in the future.

Celebrity Wedding Photographer – Let There Be Light

Partner with Vocare Media (Cinematography)

Praise: How are your experiences different? Other than weddings, do you shoot for other projects?

LTBL: Other than weddings, we also shoot corporate cases, movies, and entertainment projects. We’ve been in 12 local and international feature films to date, and worked alongside Jackie Chan, Kelvin Tong, Chu Yen-Ping, and nother notable bigwigs in film. The company director, Anthony Levi Kho, is often engaged in various Asian celebrity projects with pop icons including LeeHom Wang and A-Mei.  He is also involved in Love Life, a non-profit campaign led by Blackie Chen and Christine Fan, where his belief in the power of imagery to influence the society is seen. Our clients can be assured that our skills and experience cover a wide range of people and events.

Celebrity Wedding Photographer – Let There Be Light

Big thanks to Anthony and Janice from Let There Be Light Photography for sharing your wonderful experience and stories with us!  Definitely check out more fabulous photography work on their website and Facebook page!

Find the photographer:

Let There Be Light Photography Website | Facebook


Tiffany Blue Malaysia Emerald Bay Wedding (from Daren Chong)

Beach weddings are hands down, our absolute favourite, and Cheryl & Jack’s wedding calls to us in so many ways! Not only it is utterly beautiful with postcard-perfect scenery at a ridiculously stunning locale, but all the gorgeous details and color palette make this wedding prettier than any wedding has the right to be. Daren Chong captured the beauty of the day with his romantic story-telling style. Join us as we share this lovely Tiffany-blue beach affair below!

Tiffany Blue Malaysia Emerald Bay Wedding (from Daren Chong)

Love and proposal story

From the bride (Cheryl): We met in college and have been together for 8 years since, and the man decided to propose out of the blue! Jack is a very simple man and extravagant is not his thing. We got back from our long haul flight from the States and on the way back to my apartment, at the corridor he decided to say: “before we go back, and since it’s still a holiday until we cross the door…” he suddenly kneeled down and continued, “will you marry me?”

My first reaction was “here? right now?” and then it hit me and I said YES! Until today, everytime we share the story people would ask me “why not on the plane?”

Tiffany Blue Malaysia Emerald Bay Wedding (from Daren Chong)

Wedding design general information

Wedding theme: Tiffany blue & chevron
Number of guests: 34
Budget: Malaysian Ringgit 60,000 (around US $18,000)
Best wedding moment: The whole wedding itself – there were no dull moments
Favorite wedding detail: The decoration

Planning priorities

Cheryl: Of course the wedding gown! Followed by the venue, then the decorations.  Also not to miss photographers and videographers as they are the ones to capture your memories!

Tiffany Blue Malaysia Emerald Bay Wedding (from Daren Chong)

A personal touch

Cheryl: The people who attended our wedding made it really special and personal to us. They were our families and closest friends, which made the wedding very intimate and personal. In addition, some of the decorations were handmade by the bride, including the name cards and guestbook.

Tiffany Blue Malaysia Emerald Bay Wedding (from Daren Chong)

Advice to other couples planning their day

Cheryl: Enjoy your engagement first, then enjoy every moment of planning the big day. When the day comes, it goes so quickly, you won’t even notice it. So enjoy every step you make till the day.

Tiffany Blue Malaysia Emerald Bay Wedding (from Daren Chong)

About Daren Chong Photography

Photojournalists are story-tellers at heart, speaking through their images – and that’s Daren Chong essentially. Through his lenses, Daren unfolds the story of each loving couple in frames of smiles, laughter, tears and gazes of affection – all captured in timeless photos.

The secret to seizing these magical moments simply lies in Daren’s easy-going personality that helps put couples at ease, and leaving them to do what they do best – loving each other. Having an expressive mind and a keen eye for details, Daren always challenges himself to explore new angles and adapts styles to match differing tastes of each couple.

The chemistry from each couple radiates different energy and vibes, and that’s what fuels Daren’s passion and creativity for wedding photography.

Tiffany Blue Malaysia Emerald Bay Wedding (from Daren Chong)

Find the photographer:

Daren Chong Photography Website | Facebook

Other vendor information:

Wedding Venue: Pangkor Laut Resort , Emerald bay   |   Gown: Emmanuel Haute Couture |   Groom’s attire: Spurling |   Invitation card: Crafty Farms |   Videographer: Motion-in-style |   Cake topper: Better off Wed

Wedding Fashion for Kids – Adorable Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Attire

The most well-known “wedding jobs” for children are definitely the flower girl and ring bearer.  Traditional etiquette says that the flower girl and ring bearer should be between 3-7 years old.   Younger children may have trouble making it to the end of the aisle without some adult intervention. How you dress up these little angels can definitely make a difference to the wedding atmosphere.  Here we present some of the cutest flower girl and ring bearer looks found in lovely weddings.  Enjoy!

Flower girls

Wedding Fashion for Kids – Adorable Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Attire

Credits (from top left): Jana Williams Photography / Katie Lopez Photography / Kristen Gardner / Kristyn Hogan / Taddle Tell / Xavier Navarro Photographie / Rhythm Photography / Arina Borodina Photography / Whitney Neal Photography / crushculdesac / KT Merry Photography

Ring bearers

Wedding Fashion for Kids – Adorable Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Attire

Credits (from top left): Chelsea Nicole Photography / Matt Edge / Brett Heidebrecht / Hello Studios / Ryan Ray / Susan Stripling Photography / Tyler & Katie Branch / Tec Petaja / Honore & Lili / Smitten Photography / Flyaway Design / Kristyn Hogan

Boys & Girls

Wedding Fashion for Kids – Adorable Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Attire

Credits (from top left): Sabrina Nicole Photography / Andi Mans Photography / Elizabeth Anne Designs / Martha Stewart / Marja Schwedler / Charles Tonstem / Martha Stewart Real Weddings

Toronto Rustic DIY Wedding from Taylor Roades

A DIY wedding like this one makes us smile from ear to ear. The lovely handmade details personify what a wedding is all about – sharing your love in a creative way.  Erin & Jason are lucky to have found such perfect matches in each other, and Taylor Roades Photography certainly captured the true joy and infectious passion between this adorable couple.  Join us as we share their beautiful wedding photos and stories below.

Toronto Rustic DIY Wedding from Taylor Roades

Companion & soul mate

From the bride (Erin): We met while doing one of the things we love the most: playing sports. I was asked to fill in on a softball team one evening and since I didn’t know anyone there, I awkwardly pretended to stretch and warm up on my own until Jason spoke to me and made me feel welcome.

After the game was over, Jason invited me out to join some of the team members at a pub which was a regular post-game ritual. Later we discovered that we both played volleyball as well so between the 2 sports, we ended up spending a lot of time together, and eventually started dating. We both felt lucky to find someone with so much in common!

Proposal in the moonlight

Erin: After about 3 and a half years together, we went on a trip to the Dominican Republic. We spent our days basking in the sun, and of course playing beach volleyball! One night Jason decided we should try out the ‘special’ restaurant down at the beach. We got dressed up and walked down along the beach (which was dark and there was no one around so I started to wonder where the heck we were going). Finally up ahead there was a beautiful table set for two in the moonlight, surrounded by torches, and covered with candles and decorative jewels.

We were served a delicious meal, and I was playing with the giant fake diamonds that were on the table, trying to pick one out that I could sneak home with me to remember the occasion. The next thing I knew, Jason was down on one knee with a ring, saying I could take ‘this’ one home and asked me to marry him!

Toronto Rustic DIY Wedding from Taylor Roades

Wedding planning priorities

Erin: Sticking to a budget was a big deal for both of us and I had always wanted to make my own invitations and as much of the decorations as I could myself which really helped us stay close to our budget.

We then had to choose which elements were most important to us that we would ‘splurge’ on and which we were ok to just go with more of a baseline. We also really wanted to hold the wedding in a place with character that was a bit different than a more traditional hall, so finding the perfect location that was more ‘us’ was a big priority.

Advice to other couples planning their day

Erin: We got married only 5 months after our engagement because we wanted it to be in the summer and didn’t want to wait until the next year. For all those couples stressing out over a shorter time frame, it can be done! Just make a schedule and do a little bit at a time and eventually it will all get done. Then on the wedding day, relax and enjoy it.

Wedding design

Wedding Theme: We went with a ‘love-bird’ inspired theme with potted plants in birdcages as the centerpieces, birdhouses scattered throughout, and love-birds on a string of bunting used as a motif for the signage and printed pieces. A combination of blues and purples gave it a fresh, summery feel.

Number of Guests: approximately 100

Budget: $25,000

Best Wedding Moment: Jason’s speech at the reception made everyone laugh and cry all at once. It was so heartfelt and meaningful. And then I had to follow that!

Favorite Wedding Details: All of the hard work coming together in a perfect day, the homemade jam that my mom made as favors, the beautiful cupcake tower with so many delicious flavors to choose from, and the photobooth which provided hours of fun and hilarious memories.

Special memory: We had our dog Parker walk down the aisle wearing a little blue bowtie. It was so nice to have our little guy there with us, and he was a big hit with all the guests!

Toronto Rustic DIY Wedding from Taylor Roades

About Taylor Roades Photography

Taylor Roades is an international wedding photographer and journalist based between Toronto Ontario Canada and Victoria British Columbia Canada.

Over the past four years photography has taken her across Asia to China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan and Indonesia to the Canadian Rockies and northern Alberta and most recently to Northern England and Scotland.
She has been published most recently in Photo Ed Magazine for her photo work on the culture of the tourism industry, as well as Wedding Bells Magazine for her wedding work.

Toronto Rustic DIY Wedding from Taylor Roades

Find the photographer:

Taylor Roades Photography website | Facebook | Instagram

Other vendor information:

Venue: Berkeley Field House |   Wedding Dress: Ferré Sposa |   Cake/Cupcakes: Shortie Cakes |   Bridesmaid’s Dresses: David’s Bridal |   Flowers: Birchmount Plants & Florist |   Makeup & Hair: Nerissa Haines |   DJ: Impressions Music & Entertainment

2014 Fashion-Forward Wedding Dresses

With what the 2014 bridal fashion shows have revealed, we are sure that this year’s brides have a lot to look forward to! Fashion-forward designers have showcased ultra-feminine wedding dresses that are detailed to the hilt and anything but traditional. Chic bridal skirts paired with oh-so-sexy cropped tops, swatches of intricate materials, layered lace, and glittering gems, all presented in the most stylish ways. Join us as we share these gorgeous designs below.

Irit Shtein

2014 Fashion-Forward Wedding Dresses

Julie Vino

2014 Fashion-Forward Wedding Dresses

Paolo Sebastian

2014 Fashion-Forward Wedding Dresses

Shady ZeinEldine

2014 Fashion-Forward Wedding Dresses

Riki Dalal Haute Couture

2014 Fashion-Forward Wedding Dresses

One Love by Bien Savvy

2014 Fashion-Forward Wedding Dresses

Zahavit Tshuba

2014 Fashion-Forward Wedding Dresses

George Wu

2014 Fashion-Forward Wedding Dresses

Gemy Maalouf

2014 Fashion-Forward Wedding Dresses

Elihav Sasson

2014 Fashion-Forward Wedding Dresses

Dany Mizrachi Haute Couture

2014 Fashion-Forward Wedding Dresses


2014 Fashion-Forward Wedding Dresses

Brand Websites:

Irit Shtein | Julie Vino | Paolo Sebastian | Shady ZeinEldine | Riki Dalal Haute Couture | One Love by Bien Savvy | Zahavit Tshuba | George Wu | Gemy Maalouf | Elihav Sasson | Dany Mizrachi Haute Couture | Simijan

37 Repurposing Ideas – Smart ways to make old things new!

Repurposing is a great way to show your creativity by using clever ideas to make old things new again.  It’s a great way to save money and make use of your belongings. Here are some smart ways to rethink common items we absolutely love! From storage to decoration, you will find new inspiration below to repurpose many forgotten hosuehold items.

Useful Things

37 Repurposing Ideas – Smart ways to make old things new!

Credits (from top left): A DIY Project / Urban Outfitters / A subtle revelry / Ashley Rose / Lovely Indeed / BHG / BerinMade Illustrated Paper Goods / Jonas Gustavsson / Miboaobab / Design Mom / Zuglaerie (Zü) / Lil Sugar / A Subtle Revelry


37 Repurposing Ideas – Smart ways to make old things new!

Credits (from top left): Deco8 / Design Love Fest / Design within Jewelry / Liz Stanley / So You Think You’re Crafty / YoYo Handmade / Mokkasin / Urban Living / Vintage Revivals / Wit & Whistle / Dimples and Tangles / WhitehallFarmMD on Etsy / Handmade Romance UK

Storage Space

37 Repurposing Ideas – Smart ways to make old things new!

Credits (from top left): BKids / The boo and the boy / The boo and the boy / The Land of Nod / Craft and Creativity / So you think youre crafty / The boo and the boy / A Girl and a Glue Gun / Buzz Feed / The Wood Grain Cottage / Babble

Rustic Downtown Columbus Wedding (from Studio 127)

It’s not easy to design a rustic wedding in Downtown, but when it’s done right, the result truly speaks personality and style.  With fantastic views of downtown Columbus, artistic brick walls, beautiful outdoor space, and all the handmade details, Gena & Jason’s wedding is the loveliest rustic wedding that celebrates love and family in an intimate, cozy environment. The amazing images captured by Allison of Studio 127 Photography not only showed the beauty of the wedding designs and details, but also the infectious joy expressed throughout the day. Join us as we share this sweet affair below.

Rustic Downtown Columbus Wedding (from Studio 127)

Love story

From the Bride (Gena): We met through Jason’s best friend, Ted (not super exciting, I know).  We never really talked about marriage formally, even though we had been together for five years by the fall of 2011.

We had both just started at the same school together, and we were treading water during the first couple of months to stay on top of our coursework. Through getting used to a new town, meeting new people, and sifting through pages of textbooks, we started to talk about our lives beyond our day to day activities. It was during this time, that we understood how much we lean on and complement each other.

Rustic Downtown Columbus Wedding (from Studio 127)

The Proposal

From the Groom (Jason): “Yeah, we’re probably going to get married. Do you want to get married?”

“So, do you want me to get down on one knee and do the whole ‘will you marry me thing’?”

Gena said, “No, the floor is dirty.”

And that’s basically it. We went to an area off of Riverside Dr. in Columbus, and I asked her to marry me at a park where I first asked her out on a date. I told her how I hoped our life would be together, and how I promised to do what I could to make her happy. And, I think the last part of the proposal is pretty fitting of who we are as individuals, and who we are as a couple.

Rustic Downtown Columbus Wedding (from Studio 127)

Planning Priorities

From the Couple (Gena & Jason): We realized that our wedding day was more than just our day.  It was an opportunity for us to thank everyone who loved us and shared in our lives.  All we wanted, was to have our day be joy-filled, relaxed, and to make sure all of our guests had fun.

Rustic Downtown Columbus Wedding (from Studio 127)

Wedding design information

Color palette: mint, pink, white

Number of guests: 100

Budget: US $20,000.

Best wedding moment: father-daughter dance (Gena: I’ll always be my Daddy’s little girl!)

Favorite wedding detail: our hanging branches backdrop.  We had so much fun making them, and we still have them, waiting to re-hang them in our first house!

Thoughts from the couple

Gena & Jason: To have those closest to us celebrate with us and show us their unconditional support and affection was really touching.  And being able to create an environment that was warm, relaxed, and reflective of our love of sharing good food, drink, and music with our friends and family made the day feel just perfect.

Rustic Downtown Columbus Wedding (from Studio 127)

Thoughts from the photographer

Allison of Studio 127: Gena and Jason are seriously the sweetest couple.  I got to know them well when we spent the day together shooting at some of their favorite and meaningful places around Columbus, Ohio.  They both attended med school at OSU so we spent time running around campus, in the library, on the Oval and also at a local coffee shop that day.  Gena’s laughter and smile was absolutely contagious… from that day on I knew their wedding would be one of my favorites!

Rustic Downtown Columbus Wedding (from Studio 127)

About Studio127 Photography

Hello!  My name is Allison… I am Studio127! I am also a graphic designer and a mom! Since I founded Studio127 Photography in 2006, I’ve photographed hundreds of adorable families, kids and many happy couples.  Photographing couples is my absolute favorite thing. I love capturing that “spark” between in-love couples and the giddiness that’s written on their faces. Being surrounded by all that love is just another perk of my job. In addition to photographing the spark between happy couples, I also love photographing all the carefully planned details of a wedding, as well as those unforgettable moments that simply must be captured on film for posterity.

Rustic Downtown Columbus Wedding (from Studio 127)

Find the photographer:
Studio127 Photography Website | Facebook

Vendor Information:
Venue: Dock 580 |   Gown: Wtoo by Watters |   Cake:  Cynthia Hummel  |   DJ:  Josh Stinemetz  |   Florist: Bloomtastic Florist