Stylish Bridal Accessories from BHLDN

If you are looking for some beautiful accessories to go with your dress, today’s feature will give you some amazing ideas.  BHLDN has some of the most stunning accessories for your wedding or party. Their accessories are not only beautiful, but also very unique and stylish.  Enjoy their lovely collection below!


Stylish Bridal Accessories from BHLDN


Stylish Bridal Accessories from BHLDN


Stylish Bridal Accessories from BHLDN

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Country Winter Wedding from Christine Lim Photography

Jenny & Brian’s country winter wedding in Iroquois, Ontario is a genuinely true reflection of the couple who both grew up on farms. Their wedding is filled with so much character and love, with almost everything designed and handmade by the bride and her family, including all the decoration details and even the dresses!  We love the sweetness and joy expressed through each of the gorgeous images captured by talented Canadian photographer, Christine Lim . Join us as we share Jenny & Brian’s beautiful celebration of love.

Country Winter Wedding from Christine Lim Photography

The love story

Jenny & Brian were both leaders for the Youth Groups of their churches, and there were a number of events where both church groups attended. After some group gatherings at youth events, they started hanging out on their own, and found the other half God has put into their lives. Just over a year later, they were engaged.

Country Winter Wedding from Christine Lim Photography

Best wedding moment

Their first look was heart melting!  We did all of our portraits on Jenny’s parents’ property, so Brian waited patiently at one of the old barns (he had a bit of waiting).  Brian was so excited and nervous to see his bride; the good kind of nervous.  You could really tell from his expressions that he just couldn’t wait to see her and to marry her.  When Jenny finally arrived to the meeting point, it was overwhelming!  Tears and lots of laughter made their first look really beautiful, but fun at the same time.  It was a wonderful way to start their wedding day together.

Country Winter Wedding from Christine Lim Photography

Thoughts from the photographer

Christine Lim: This wedding was the sweetest!  Both Jenny and Brian grew up in the country, on farms (Jenny’s family are berry farmers while Brian’s family are dairy farmers).  Jenny wanted to keep things as personal as possible – so everything you see for her wedding was either made by her, her mom, her dad, sister, grandmother, aunts or friends.  Basically, everything!  Even down to her dress!

I could go on and on about their wedding and what a great time i had documenting their wedding day, but i’ll stop here. They are great people and were great to celebrate with! Thank you, Jenny + Brian!  It was such a pleasure to travel east for your amazing country winter wedding!  Wishing you many years of love and happiness to come!

Country Winter Wedding from Christine Lim Photography

Creative wedding theme and DIY details

Jenny & Brian got married in the country in Iroquois, Ontario.  Jenny’s family are berry farmers and run the Dentz Berry Farm while Brian’s family are dairy farmers in the area.  Needless to say, the vision for their wedding was to have a real “country wedding”, because it truly is who they are.

Jenny (with the help of family and friends) made almost everything – from the dresses and her shawl to the decorations and the amazing spread of preserves.

Country Winter Wedding from Christine Lim Photography

About Christim Lim Photography

Christine Lim: I’m an independent photographer.  I photograph a lot of different things for a variety of clients – but I definitely do spend a lot of time documenting weddings!  If I had to describe my style in a sentence, I would say that I am drawn to documenting the genuine and emotional moments in a beautiful and timeless way.

Country Winter Wedding from Christine Lim Photography

Find the photographer:

Christine Lim’s website | Facebook | E-mail

B.B. & Nana – Pet Photography by Jas Grace Photography

So what exactly is the “After Wed” column on a wedding online magazine all about? In short, our “After Wed” column is all about “families”.  It includes everything from stylish living, babies, maternity stories, anniversaries, to pets. Pets? Yes, pets, because they are definitely part of our families too.

We are always inspired and touched by the relationship between pets and their families. Today we are thrilled to share a lovely pet photo session by our designation photographer – Jas Grace Photography , featuring the story of her two adorable dogs – B.B. & Nana.

B.B. & Nana – Pet Photography by Jas Grace Photography

The Story

Jas: Pomeranian B.B. first joined the family 14 years ago (after I begged my parents to have a dog for 6 years).  I still remember his tiny face and huge round eyes when I first met him.  He was a little bigger than most Pomeranian puppies, but definitely the most adorable one I’ve ever seen!

B.B. injured one of his back legs when he was 1, ever since then he’s been walking on 3 legs. However, the injury never stopped him from enjoying his life everyday with joy and excitement.  He is well-known for his adorable smile (and he’s smiling most of the time), this attitude always inspires me and cheers me up.

After my family moved back to Asia, B.B.became my only family and “room mate” here in Canada.  14 years went by, we’ve gone through so many things together, and he’s always there for me when I needed him. He’s definitely the best part of my childhood, and still my best companion now.

When B.B. was 11, Nana, the American Eskimo, joined the family. I wanted another dog to accompany B.B., so that he wouldn’t be so lonely when I’m out.  Although B.B. and Nana don’t really play together due to age and personality differences, they see each other as family, and Nana really brings a lot of energy and fun to our lives.

B.B. & Nana – Pet Photography by Jas Grace Photography

B.B.’s Profile

  • Breed: German Pomeranian
  • Personality: Loving, sweet, considerate, obedient, protective, joyful, friendly
  • Gender & Age: Male, 14 years old
  • Status: He thinks he is the king, and bigger than a bear
  • Loves: Girls, stuffed animals, FOOD
  • Dislikes: Birds, rabbits, small noisy animals
  • Special Tricks: Winks one eye with a charming smile

B.B. & Nana – Pet Photography by Jas Grace Photography

Nana’s Profile

  • Breed: Miniature American Eskimo
  • Personality: Hyper, active, fun, care-free
  • Gender & Age: Female, 3 years old
  • Status: She thinks no one is faster than her
  • Loves: destroy toys (and she sees everything as her toy), get dirty
  • Dislikes: Wheels, vacuum, basically afraid of everything that’s bigger than her
  • Special Tricks: walks on 2 legs, jumps over a 150cm fence

B.B. & Nana – Pet Photography by Jas Grace Photography

About Jas Grace Photography

Jas is a fine art wedding and lifestyle photographer. She travels worldwide capturing the romance, sparks, and dreams that first inspired her couples to say “I Do”! She loves to capture photos that are candid and artistically beautiful to reflect the love and joy you share. Her style of photography lies within  creating images that illustrate your love, your in-between moments, and everything that makes your story unique and authentic.

Thoughts from the Photographer

Jas: Every dog I meet is special.  Whether it’s their personality, story, or relationship with their family, there’s always something so precious and pure that we can all learn from.

As a dog lover, I understand what it means to really see dogs as part of our families, and how much we cherish our memories with them.  This is why I love to capture photos of dogs.  Their presence brings love and unfettered joy, something so pure and straightforward, and totally contagious.

B.B. & Nana – Pet Photography by Jas Grace Photography

Find the photographer:

Jas Grace Photography’s Website | Facebook

Pre-wedding Bridal Skin Care Products

Nothing is more beautiful than a bride’s natural glow of happiness.  To ensure you walk down the aisle with healthy skin that’s glowing with vitality on your big day, invest in a skincare plan as soon as possible. The key is to plan ahead and avoid overloading on beauty routines just days before your wedding day. Adopt a consistent skin care regime with the right products that hydrate and protect the skin.  Here are some of our favorite picks for your per-wedding bridal beauty plans.

Pre-wedding Bridal Skin Care Products

Clarisonic – Mia

A revolutionary, professional-quality skincare tool.

  • Removes makeup 6 times better than traditional methods
  • Clears pores and reduces the appearance of pore size
  • Skincare products absorb better after cleaning
  • Creates noticeably healthier abd smoother looking skin
  • Used and recommended by leading dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons
Pre-wedding Bridal Skin Care Products (Photo: Alix of icovetthee)

Philosophy – Purity Made Simple

A highly effective one-step facial cleanser.

  • Rapidly dissolves dirt and makeup while deep cleaning pores
  • Soothes dry and sensitive skin
  • Clean, residue-free finish

Pre-wedding Bridal Skin Care Products

L’OCCITANE en Provence  – Shea Ultra Rich Face Scrub

A creamy exfoliate for dry skin and dead cells.

  • Gently exfoliates dry skin
  • Finely ground nutshells help to efficiently eliminate dead skin cells and impurities
  • Creamy base, enriched in shea butter (10%) and chestnut extract, helps the skin to maintain its natural moisture level
  • Skin is left perfectly clear, smooth and soft
  • Skin texture is refined and the complexion is more luminous

Pre-wedding Bridal Skin Care Products

Jurlique – Rose Water

A complexion balancing mist.

  • Restores, tones, and hydrates the skin in one simple spritz
  • With its rich infusion of rose and marshmallow living energy, this formula provides the skin with balancing, moisturizing refreshment

Pre-wedding Bridal Skin Care Products

Clinique – Moisture Surge

A refreshing gel that instantly replenishes skin with 24 hours of soothing hydration.

  • Light and comfortable
  • A “drink” for skin, continuously plumping it with hydration.
  • Fine lines, flakiness, and tightness are washed away.
  • Skin looks and feels happier and healthier

Pre-wedding Bridal Skin Care Products

Clinique – All About the Eyes (eye cream and serum)

A lightweight eye care that diminishes the appearance of eye puffiness, darkness, and fine lines.

  • Brightens dark circles
  • Helps to hold eye makeup in place.
  • Massages away bags as it brightens and refreshes the eye area

Pre-wedding Bridal Skin Care Products

SKII – Signs Eye Mask

An antiaging, reviving eye mask.

  • Reduces the look of fine lines around the eye
  • Deeply hydrates
  • Revives the delicate eye area

Pre-wedding Bridal Skin Care Products

Fresh – Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask

A hydrating treatment that immediately reveals softer, firmer, healthier-looking skin.

  • Immediate cooling effect to refresh the skin and the senses
  • Black tea ferment helps to defend against wrinkle-causing free radicals
  • Softens, smooths, and enhances luster
  • The formula is further enriched with lychee seed extract, known to support natural collagen
  • Firming polysaccharides helps to smooth the skin
  • Jicima root juice is notable for its hydrating and nourishing properties

South Africa Destination Weddings – Advice from Wedding Concepts

South Africa Destination Weddings – Advice from Wedding Concepts

South Africa is an amazing destination wedding location, and whether you choose a wedding at one of the Capes world-renowned wine estates or pristine beaches, at an urban venue in Johannesburg, or a wild bush setting, no one brings a South African celebration to life like the Wedding Concepts team. Wedding Concepts is known and respected for their professionalism, personal approach, attention to detail, and incredible creativity, and we’re proud to call them Junebug members . They’ve produced over 400 weddings and are absolute experts when it comes to events in South Africa.

For any of you out there considering this fascinating area of the world for your wedding or honeymoon, we are excited to announce that Wedding Concepts’ own Kim Werner will be in New York City this July, to consult with couples and share her knowledge! To give you all a little more background, I asked Kim a few questions about South African weddings, and had her share some recent wedding photos of events she’s loved…

South Africa Destination Weddings – Advice from Wedding Concepts

South Africa Destination Weddings – Advice from Wedding Concepts

South Africa Destination Weddings – Advice from Wedding Concepts

Junebug: Tell us a little bit about your company, Wedding Concepts .

Kim: As South Africa’s premier Wedding Planners, we pride ourselves in handcrafting weddings of distinction for a select and limited group of clients from across the globe. From conceptualization and supplier selection to briefing and organization of the day, Wedding Concepts is a full service Wedding Planning business catering to the discerning couple.

South Africa Destination Weddings – Advice from Wedding Concepts

South Africa Destination Weddings – Advice from Wedding Concepts

South Africa Destination Weddings – Advice from Wedding Concepts

Junebug: So, why South Africa? What makes it such a unique destination wedding location?

Kim: From small, intimate weddings with a few family members and friends, to full blown celebrations with hundreds of international guests, South Africa offers spectacular possibilities at unrivaled value. A value for money haven, in SA you’ll get away with paying 40-50% less for a similar wedding in US, lest we forget that the lovely weather and unsurpassed setting come free of charge south of the equator.

We also say that in South Africa summer never ends. Days are marked by an average of 12 hours of sunshine, moderate temperatures and, in the Western Cape, virtually no rain falls between September and April. The combination of the superb surroundings and fantastic weather allows for memorable outdoor ceremonies overlooking mountain ranges, vineyards or the ocean.

Cape Town specifically is synonymous with cutting edge design, décor and creativity. It has recently been voted the worlds design capital of 2014! Respected around the world for its gastronomic and culinary delicacies not to even mention its wines you can literally pick and choose your service providers from an array of acclaimed caterers, internationally awarded restaurants, funky musicians, polished hiring companies, and top notch, award-winning photographers to name a few.

South Africa Destination Weddings – Advice from Wedding Concepts

South Africa Destination Weddings – Advice from Wedding Concepts

Junebug: For couples interested in meeting with you in New York, what can they expect to learn?

Kim: During our consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss the specific requirements of your celebration, and I’ll give you guidance and explain the advantages of Wedding Concepts professional coordination service. We’ll talk about what is practical, cost-effective and innovative, and discuss the many beautiful wedding locations throughout South Africa. I’ll make sure you gain direction and fresh ideas, and will feel equipped with lots of valuable insight to make your African destination wedding planning experience stress-free right from the start.

I’ll also tell you about our sister company Travel Concepts , who will ensure your African adventure is unforgettable for both you and your guests. The Travel Concepts team can assist in planning and booking highly bespoke itineraries in and around Africa for each and every guest, with the wedding centered as the focal point. Needless to say that tailoring your African honeymoon would also be part and parcel of their service crafting the travel memories of a lifetime!

South Africa Destination Weddings – Advice from Wedding Concepts

South Africa Destination Weddings – Advice from Wedding Concepts

South Africa Destination Weddings – Advice from Wedding Concepts

Thank you Kim!

Kim will be available for New York City consultations from the July 8th to the 18th, 2013. For more information, call her at + 27 (0)21 426 57 83 or e-mail . And for great wedding photography, check out our member wedding photographers in South Africa !

(Images in this post by Ryan Graham , Christopher Munton Photography , Tyme Photography , Jean-Pierre Uys , and We Love Pictures )

South Africa Destination Weddings – Advice from Wedding Concepts

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Elegant Brooch Bouquets from Noaki Jewelry

For a bouquet that will truly stand out and last long after your wedding day, get a stunning heirloom jeweled bouquet from Noaki Jewelry !  Unlike fresh flower bouquets, the heirloom jewelled bouquets from Noaki Jewelry can really show your unique personality and be passed down to generations to come.

Designer Naoki works closely with each bride to create personalized bouquets made from antique gems.  This is also a beautiful way to carry a few family pieces and memories with you as you walk down the aisle.  Creating a jewelry bouquet is a lot more than just putting antique pieces together, it also requires great artistic senses, attention to details, and lots of passion and love, and Naoki’s got them all!  Check out Naoki Jewelry’s beautiful collection of quality jewelry bouquets below, with photos captured by the talented Yuna Leonard .

Elegant Brooch Bouquets from Noaki Jewelry

The Beginning

Noaki: It began because I was trying to figure out what to do with pieces of my grandmother’s old jewelry that I’d held onto for decades — scraps of the forgotten excess of the Art Deco era that were too lovely to discard but too old-fashioned to wear. Eventually this led to my own line of one-of-a-kind upcycled vintage pieces, wedding accessories and later brooch bouquets.

Elegant Brooch Bouquets from Noaki Jewelry

Design Inspiration

Noaki: Being the daughter of a fine arts painter and an industrial designer, I’ve had a pretty eclectic upbringing, living for spells in Japan, France, India, and England. My roots, however, are in California. Living overseas made me reflect on the lifestyle here – the angled light and sea air, the crumpled terrain and buried past – rusted, shuttered canneries, splintered gray piers and bleached deco buildings. I try to bring this breadth to each piece I hand-fashion in my Southern California studio.

Elegant Brooch Bouquets from Noaki Jewelry

Naoki Jewelry Website | Facebook | Online Store

Photography: Yuna Leonard

Creative Stationery Designs – Quill & Fox

We live in the age of social media, where communication has become much easier and faster.  While e-mail, Facebook, and other social media tools are essential in our lives, handwritten letters and cards have become a rare and personalized treat.
We truly believe that stationery is part of a beautiful lifestyle.  Sending a letter or a card takes time to buy, write, customize, and send.  This has real interpersonal value and shows the value that the sender places on the relationship with the recipient. The stationery you choose to send can really represent who you are: caring, loving, thoughtful, and stylish.

To enhance your beautiful lifestyle, we are going to introduce you to one of our favorite stationery brands – Quill & Fox by Yas Imamura! If you love fabulous card designs that are creative, personal, and adorable with a touch of nostalgic senses, you are going to fall in love with these unique designs from Quill & Fox below!

Creative Stationery Designs – Quill & Fox

About Quill & Fox

Quill & Fox is a paper design studio created by Yas Imamura. The independently-ran small Oregon-based shop specializes in hand-designed cards and stationery that evoke a welcome sense of nostalgia.

The studio is continuously growing its line of paper goods and is always looking to delve into different creative ideas to expand the medium of paper.

Creative Stationery Designs – Quill & Fox

Design inspiration and motivation

Yas Imamura: I like being able to evoke a certain feeling of nostalgia, and I draw a lot from vintage mid-century illustrations like Roger Duvoisin, Charley Harper..the list goes on!

Creative Stationery Designs – Quill & Fox

Find Quill & Fox

Website | Online Store | Facebook | Designer’s Blog