Krabi, Thailand Destination Beach Wedding – Lauren and James

Krabi, Thailand Destination Beach Wedding – Lauren and James

Lauren and James love story has all the makings of a blockbuster hit, spanning multiple continents, many years and romantic surprise meetings. It began with a fateful encounter in a small ski village in Alberta, Canada in 2003 where James made the first moves of his pursuit, on a ski hill where there’s 10,000 blokes, and about four hot chicks, you need to move fast. When the two left Alberta – Lauren back to Melbourne, Australia, and James to London – the young lovers kept in touch despite the 12,000-mile separation, and two years later, their love was reignited after a chance encounter in London. Later James proposed on the red-carpeted steps of Berlins Cathedral Square (we can’t do this part of the story justice – it’s best articulated on the couples hilariously written wedding website ), and early last year the happy couple tied the knot on the gorgeous shoreline of Krabi, Thailand. Yes readers, this REALLY did happen, and we have the story and the amazing photos from Harrison Studio to prove it!

Krabi, Thailand Destination Beach Wedding – Lauren and James

The Goals: Lauren and James, Australian and English natives respectively, wanted to find a location that would accommodated both of their families and groups of friends, so they met halfway between their hometowns for a fabulous destination wedding at the Tubkaak Boutique Resort in Krabi, Thailand. Remembering her blissful experience, Lauren asked, You know when you go to a place that is truly perfect in every way and when you try to explain how amazing it is to other people you just can’t put it into words or get the sentiment across properly? She added, Choosing the Tubkaak Boutique Resort as the venue was our best decision. It was absolutely amazing. Everything we wanted for our wedding, a nice area of Thailand, a secluded beach, a top quality resort and lovely people.

Krabi, Thailand Destination Beach Wedding – Lauren and James

The Design: The garden at the resort made for the perfect ceremony venue, complete with white lotus flowers and Thai orchids, and a beach backdrop that was nothing short of stunning. Following the ceremony, cocktails and canapes were served to the 65 lucky guests as the resort completely transformed the ceremony area to prepare for the decadent four-course dinner that would follow. The specialty cocktail of the night was mixed to the couple’s tastes and even matched the vibrant turquoise of the bridesmaids dresses!

The staff of the Tubkaak created almost everything – the flowers, the dinner, and the luscious chocolate sponge cake that followed. Staff members also secretly placed small elephant figurines fastened with thank you cards in the guests rooms while they were at the wedding. These favors ensured that each guest left with a little something tangible to remind them of their trip to Thailand.

The Look: Lauren was intent on finding a unique dress but one that also accounted for the Thailand heat. The amazing Elizabeth De Varga dress that she chose was just the second one she tried on! She accessorized it with a freshwater pearl bracelet – a gift from her Nana, and a teardrop necklace from Angus and Coote . She wore her mums garter, which was her something old, borrowed, and blue!

Laurens bridesmaids wore dresses by Jim Hjelm that corresponded with the weddings pearly white and turquoise green color palette. One of her bridesmaids, her sister, was six months pregnant at the time so it was also important that the dress design keep her comfort in mind. I wanted my bridesmaids to be comfortable and cool and to fit the tropical, bright, beach style of Thailand… I love looking at the photos of the bridal party – the turquoise dresses just looked stunning!

James and his groomsmen wore dapper tuxedos by Herringbone Australia , and we love the way their classic look combined with the tropical location.

Krabi, Thailand Destination Beach Wedding – Lauren and James

The Moments: There was a point of contention that came out during the wedding rehearsal. In England, traditionally, the groom does not look at his bride walking down the aisle, because it is considered bad luck. But in Australia, it is the opposite: the groom watches his bride walk down the aisle. So I left it up to James to decide what he was going to do. When I was approaching the aisle he was facing the front, but then he turned around as I was walking down the aisle. I remember his face. It was unforgettable.

During the small Thai merit-making ritual, the couple released two Koi Carp fish into the pond at the resort. The ceremony is meant to ensure longevity and prosperity in the light of marriage. That was a really special, and I always wonder how our little fish are doing in their pond.

After the ceremony, Lauren and James stood on the beach while the sun set and their guests were being seating for dinner. It was just James and me and the sunset and the beach. The sunset was immense; it was a special moment.

Krabi, Thailand Destination Beach Wedding – Lauren and James

Thank you for sharing your wedding story with us Lauren and James!

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Krabi, Thailand Destination Beach Wedding – Lauren and James

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Vintage 1960s Tiki Bar Wedding Style – Rosa and Doug

Vintage 1960s Tiki Bar Wedding Style – Rosa and Doug

The Couple: Rosa and Doug

The Wedding: 12.4.10 – Don the Beachcomber , Huntington Beach, CA

What three adjectives that best describe your wedding? Emotional, vintage, fun.

What inspired your personal wedding style, and how did you incorporate your style and personalities into your big day? Our wedding was ALL about our personal styles! Both Doug and I are lifelong vintage enthusiasts. We love all things 60s waaaay before Mad Men. It wasn’t us to try to be cutesy or retro, rather it was us to incorporate all the things we love into our big day. Our home, our wardrobes, the music we listen to…it’s all 1960s. Our wedding attire Doug in a vintage tux and me in a custom made dress, made from a 1963 pattern, our vintage accessories, the amazing tiki-themed invitations our friend Lili Chin designed just for us, and the music played at our wedding…everything was very us.”

Vintage 1960s Tiki Bar Wedding Style – Rosa and Doug

Looking back, what are the moments, decisions or memories that you love the most about your wedding? Doug and I tossed around the idea of eloping, mostly for budget reasons. But I am so glad we didn’t. We knew if we went through with a wedding, it would have to be something we both enjoyed. We had a pre-ceremony cocktail hour in which yummy tiki drinks were served. We had a great officiant who was funny, cracked jokes and basically set the mood. A great 60’s surf band played as we walked down the aisle and friends DJed and played JUST the music we liked! No stuffy string quartet or cheesy wedding deejays here! From the moment the planning started, Doug and I had one goal: that guests walk away saying that was fun! I believed we achieved that.

We had made plans to have our first look photo session in a nearby park before the ceremony. We were running an hour behind schedule and we were all so stressed! Those seconds leading up to us seeing each other in our wedding attire for the first time were the most nerve-wracking. When we finally did see each other, we were overwhelmed with emotions. We wiped away tears and just held each other for what seemed like forever. This was definitely our moment.

Wedding color palette: Baby blue, marigold/mustard yellow, and ivory.

Vintage 1960s Tiki Bar Wedding Style – Rosa and Doug

The Wedding Team:

Photographer: Julie Pepin
Ceremony Venue: Don the Beachcomber
Reception Venue: Don the Beachcomber
Officiant: Alan Katz
Invitation Designer: Lili Chin
Catering: Don the Beachcomber
Florist: Centerpieces were DIY, bouquets were by Sanctuary Design
Cake: Kings Hawaiian Bakery
Wedding dress: Dolly Couture
Bridal accessories: All vintage 1960s pieces purchased on Etsy and eBay
Bridesmaids apparel and accessories: Custom made by Michelle Tan
Groom’s apparel and accessories: Vintage 1960s tuxedo jacket purchased online, all accessories were all vintage as well
Groomsmen apparel: Ben Sherman
Hair and make-up: Hair by Tanya Ramirez of Untamed Instincts , make-up by Brenda Morales
DJ: Friends of the couple
Live music: The Glasgow Tiki Shakers
Brides rings: Brilliant Earth

Thank you so much Rosa and Doug! What a wonderfully personal wedding!

To find inspiration for your our personal wedding style, don’t miss our wedding image gallery !

Vintage 1960s Tiki Bar Wedding Style – Rosa and Doug

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Professional Spotlight – Lisa Vorce of Oh How Charming!

As one of the most respected and sought-after event producers in the world, Lisa Vorce sets trends and transforms spaces into spectacular weddings and unforgettable events. Whether she’s designing a wedding in the jungles of Mexico, on a Caribbean island, or at an intimate private estate, she’s right at home planning and executing every detail necessary for success. We’re honored to call Lisa a Junebug member, and we’ve loved getting to know her over the past couple of years.

Today were thrilled to share with you a little about Lisa’s work and how she got to the top of her field…

Professional Spotlight – Lisa Vorce of Oh How Charming!
(Photo of Lisa Vorce by Kirsten Ellis from Beaux Arts Photographie )

Junebug: Lisa, as huge fans of you and your work, we’re fascinated by the low-key approach you take to promoting your business. As a result, the work you do feels very intimate and almost secret. Can you tell us what your average day is like and what you love most about your job?

Lisa: I don’t really have any average days! I would love to have some type of consistent schedule in my life, but that just isn’t possible in this industry. My typical days range from being on a plane, to doing site visits, to a flurry of back-to-back meetings, to just plain office days. My work is my passion, and I love every aspect of what I do. I love to travel and learn about different cultures and traditions all over the world. More than half of the events that I design are overseas, so I’m constantly on the road and experiencing new locations. I have to admit I’m fairly spoiled by the people I get to work with and the places I get to see!

When I’m planning an event I want everything from the welcome gifts to the food to reflect the culture of the location. Well-publicized tourist areas or sought-after five-star hotels aren’t what typically moves me. I love the undiscovered unique spaces and locations that reflect the personality of my clients and the place they have chosen to get married. When I travel, I’m more interested in meeting with the local bartenders than the concierges. The locals have all the great info and they are my speed track to great resources. At our events, my goal is to have every guest experience something truly extraordinary and memorable. I want to make sure they walk away from the event having experienced the soul of each location whether its Bali or Turks & Caicos, Aspen, Zacatecas, etc.

I do tend to operate in my own happy little bubble, simply because I’m quite busy and because many of my clients prioritize privacy. I try not to pay attention to what everyone else is doing, and I believe in being kind and gracious to everyone. I deeply care about my peers, and the professionals and clients that I work with. I know I can’t succeed without great support and I have a brilliant, tightly run team that I’ve traveled all over the world with. They will do anything to make things work, no matter what they are challenged with.

Professional Spotlight – Lisa Vorce of Oh How Charming!
(Bohemian chic California wedding images above by Jose Villa )

Junebug: What are some of the challenges involved in creating an on-location wedding away from any existing structures?

Lisa: From a production standpoint there is a long list of challenges, and even after 11 years, all challenges are not routine by any means. We’re usually in a new location, so we’re constantly faced with new and exciting scenarios. For example, bringing power up 12,000 feet to the top of a mountain for an event, or catering for 250 on a remote island, or fending off scorpions, mosquitoes, etc.

We just did an event at a private ranch where we set-up a 7,000 square foot tent. My client wanted the tent to be sub-floored in a beautiful residential dark wood flooring. In order to do this I needed to have a perfectly flat (like laser level flat!) surface to work with. The estimates to scaffold 7000 square feet were cost prohibitive, so we were faced with the reality of having to level my client’s field. I couldn’t bare the thought of cutting up their gorgeous field (nor could they) so we had to come up with an alternative solution. Using the minds of some of the fabulous local contractors, we decided to build a giant sandbox to level the field so that we could subfloor appropriately. We trucked in 500 tons of a special building material that mimicked sand, had it raked, leveled, and bulldozed and ended up with a perfectly flat surface for our subfloor. The field was spared and as an added bonus, our approach saved thousands of dollars as it was a fraction of the cost of our alternatives. I love that kind of challenge!

Professional Spotlight – Lisa Vorce of Oh How Charming!
(Cowboy themed wedding celebration images above by Aaron Delesie )

Junebug: Can you share a wedding with us that really stands out for you in the last couple of years?

Lisa: Each event is special to me for different reasons. I’m truly amazed at what our team creates in each location. One of my recent favorites is the wedding we just did in Bali. Our client actually wanted to get married in the south of France and didn’t particularly love the tropical elements that you find naturally in Bali. So…what a design challenge that was!

Professional Spotlight – Lisa Vorce of Oh How Charming!
(Romantic French-inspired Bali wedding images above by Aaron Delesie )

Junebug: What stood to you about the wedding in Bali?

Lisa: When Mindy and I did the site visit for Bali, we were immediately attracted to the gorgeous capiz that is indigenous to Indonesia. We knew exactly what we wanted to do for the wedding capiz, capiz, capiz!!

The wedding was held at the absolutely stunning Amanusa Resort in Nusa Dua. The ceremony was slated to be held in their beautiful lobby. It reminded us of a simple chapel, and we both felt it must have church pews for seating. We had one of the local artisans build church pews for us that were perfectly fitted for the lobby. In the lobby, there is a really famous wood carving that typically serves as the backdrop for the ceremony. The wall showcases beautifully carved monkeys depicting good versus evil, but if you look at it closely, its fairly shocking to see what the monkeys are doing! We all nick-named it the “naughty monkey wall.” My client did not want the naughty monkeys as the backdrop for her ceremony. In the past, most brides and grooms just hung a drape in front of the wall. Mindy and I were not happy with that idea, so we had another local artisan build a capiz wall that fit around the carving. It was THE most incredible backdrop for the ceremony: simple and ethereal. We hung two giant capiz chandeliers to flank the wall. That combined with the church pews created the most magically simply ceremony environment.

For the dinner reception, we had the same local artisans create all capiz vessels for Mindys florals, capiz chargers, and capiz spheres for the table-scapes. It was such an incredibly beautiful event. We were able to give our clients the romantic vibe they wanted from the south of France while stilling using Indonesian elements.

With that said…I still felt that guests needed a much higher dose of Indonesia! My clients were planning on hosting their rehearsal dinner at a fairly trendy local restaurant. I felt really strongly that they should have a more traditional rehearsal dinner and let their guests experience the beauty of the Balinese beaches, the Balinese food, and even the tropical fruits and flowers that they didn’t want for the wedding. After a tough negotiation, we convinced them to let us throw a traditional Balinese BBQ on Amanusas private beach and the result was incredible!

Professional Spotlight – Lisa Vorce of Oh How Charming!
(Balinese beach bbq images above by Aaron Delesie )

For décor, Mindy and I utilized our driver and his local connections, to find us banana trees and banana leaves for some dramatic displays on the beach. We had bamboo poles cut and fastened together with twine to create stands to hang Balinese sarongs. These were planted in the sand to mark the entrance to the event. We used sarong fabric for the linens, napkins, and all cushions. Women from one of the local villages created woven palm runners for us that were extraordinary. Mindy and I went to the downtown market and purchased local fruits, flowers, baskets, and pottery for the tables. Mindy created the most amazing table-scapes for the event. For food, Amanusa prepared an incredible traditional Indonesian BBQ and we hired a Jimbaran band and Balinese fire dancers for entertainment. As the guests entered the party, they were greeted by the most adorable Balinese flower girls who tossed petals as each guest arrived.

The weather (thanks to the rain stoppers that we hired) was perfection! The rehearsal dinner was so different from the wedding and provided the dose of Indonesia that I wanted for everyone. Both events were amazing in their own way and we were beyond thrilled with the outcome (as were our clients!).

Junebug: Of all of the places you traveled what places do you love the most?

Lisa: I love adventure so the next place is always where my heart is. South Africa seems to be calling my name. I haven’t worked there yet and it’s high on my list of places to explore!

Professional Spotlight – Lisa Vorce of Oh How Charming!
(Colorado winter wedding images above by Aaron Delesie )

Junebug: Who are the people who work with you most often and the members of your amazing staff?

Lisa: In our studio, Laura and Sarah are my right and left arms. Laura is our task manager. She handles everything to do with timing, schedules, invitations etc. Sarah is our production manager; she ensures our events are built correctly from the ground up, and runs our productions like a well-oiled machine, I couldnt operate without the two of them!

At our events, in addition to Sarah and Laura, I have the most fantastic team of event assistants. They each have their own little specialty: Jaime and Christina are our bridal handlers, Megan M. and Megann N. are our groom and groomsmen handlers, Corinne will never let a linen go un-steamed, Greg and Melissa are both trained EMTs, so I always have great comfort when they’re on board, and Jackie, Megan A, Katie, Lisa D, and Courtney all provide the man-power to make everything happen.

Vendors who work with me include Lewis Barker from Barker Décor Service . He is our primary set designer and does our flooring, sub-flooring, draping, lighting, dance floors, etc. There is nothing Lewis can’t do for us, and when everyone else tells me no, Lewis will say absolutely yes! and he’ll find a way to make whatever crazy thing I’m asking for to happen. Mindy Rice is my dear friend and one of the most talented women I know. From florals, to décor, to sketching, to sewing, to painting, to sculpting…she does it all. Shes even created wedding cakes for us in a pinch! We conceptualize every event together and I love collaborating with her. I also adore Rene and Niki from R. Jack Balthazar . They are both brilliant and utilize all their fabulous world travels in their décor inspirations. For food…Jerry from The Food Matters is my go-to guy. He has exceeded all expectations of even our toughest foodies. For linens, the gals at La Tavola always take care of us. So affordable and so many options! All my vendors walk on water in my book and I don’t know what I would do without them!

Junebug: What photographers do you work with most often?

Lisa: Aaron Delesie , Elizabeth Messina , Yvette Roman , and Jose Villa are among my favorites. All are extraordinarily talented, and I love working with each of them.

Thank you so much your time Lisa, and for giving us a peek at what it takes to design events for the worlds most discerning clientele! Your insights and experience are truly inspiring.

For more information about Lisa Vorce and to see images from her spectacular weddings and events, be sure to visit her website !

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Peach, Pink and Coral – A Wedding Color Palette for Spring

As I was working on today’s blog post, all I could think of was the color combination of peach, pink and coral. So I started gathering photos from our Image Gallery and delighting in the warmth and femininity of the tones in front of me. And then I had a little moment of déjà vu, and then a couple more, and then I went back and looked in my own archives. Sure enough, right around this same time last year as I was yearning for warmer weather, I had created the exact same wedding inspiration board ! Pink, coral and peach. Embarrassing? Yes. Too embarrassing not to publish this wedding color palette again? No way. You simply can’t go wrong with these beautiful tones, so here my friends are the colors that I apparently dream about each spring. Enjoy!

Peach, Pink and Coral – A Wedding Color Palette for Spring

Top row:
Peach wedding gown by Vera Wang, via , Custom wedding invitation by FLITE

Second row:
Coral and pink wedding flower and bouquet images by Yvette Roman Photography

Third row:
Peaches and cream ice cream , apricot wedding place card and peach wedding cake from

Fourth row:
Marie-Hélène de Taillac 18-karat gold rose quartz ring from , Coral fabric floral wedding invitation by FLITE

Fifth row:
Coral and cream custom wedding invitation by FLITE , Deborah Lippmann I’m Not Innocent peach nail color and red cotton CO-OP Oxford Tie from

Bottom row:
Peach and pink wedding tabletop and bridal shoe images by Elizabeth Messina

For more wedding inspiration, searchable by color, don’t miss our Wedding Image Gallery !

Peach, Pink and Coral – A Wedding Color Palette for Spring

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Alternative Modern Bridal Boudoir Photography

Alternative Modern Bridal Boudoir Photography

If you’re not a classically feminine, pink satin and lace lingerie kind of gal, there’s no reason you can’t have fun with a bridal boudoir photo shoot in your very own way. Photographer Sarah Culver recently shot this alternative and perfectly hipster boudoir photo shoot at The Modern Hotel in Boise, ID, and although there’s nothing traditional about it, there’s no shortage of sexy, intimate style! With the location’s mid-century modern decor and model Anne’s retro-rocker look, Sarah captured images that many a modern woman would love to see themselves in.

Are you thinking of having a boudoir shoot before or after your wedding day? Tell us about your style and how you’d love to be seen!

Alternative Modern Bridal Boudoir Photography

Alternative Modern Bridal Boudoir Photography

See more of this shoot on the Sarah Culver Photography blog !

Alternative Modern Bridal Boudoir Photography

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Giveaway! Win Handmade Wedding Sandals from Sseko Designs!

Giveaway! Win Handmade Wedding Sandals from Sseko Designs!

Good morning Junebug readers! Welcome to May, to full-fledged spring and to our latest giveaway today from Sseko Designs !

The minute we learned about Sseko Designs we couldn’t help but fall in love with their fabulous products as well as the story and purpose behind the company. Sseko Designs makes beautiful, customized, handmade sandals specifically for brides and their bridesmaids . And the women making these sandals? Well that’s what makes this company so special.

Sseko partners with a school in Kampala, Uganda to employ recent high school graduates as a way to earn money to continue on to University. These young women are in their traditional 9 month gap between secondary school and college, and would most likely not otherwise have the opportunity to continue their educations. These women are passionate, smart and excited for their futures, and we’re thrilled to help spread the word about their hard work. As the Sseko website says, “These women will not make sandals forever. They will go on to be doctors, lawyers, politicians, writers and teachers that will bring change and unification to a country divided and ravished by a 22 year-long war…The goal of Sseko Designs is two-fold: provide university tuition for these promising young women through a sustainable monthly income, while also contributing to the overall economic development of Uganda.”

Giveaway! Win Handmade Wedding Sandals from Sseko Designs!

To enter to win 3 pairs of handmade Sseko Designs sandals , perfect for you and your gals to wear at your casual summer wedding, or for you to give as thank you gifts to your bridesmaids, just leave a comment here telling us who you would gift your sandals to and how you would all wear them. The winner will get to choose sandals with her favorite color of raw silk straps from their bridal collection , and be proud to give gifts that support such a wonderfully worthwhile cause. We’re certainly proud to get to share this opportunity with you and to help spread the word about Sseko. We’ll accept entries through Sunday, May 8th and choose our winner on Monday, May 9th.

For much more information, please visit the Sseko Designs website – you can see all the wonderful leather and silk sandal options as well as learn about the company’s founder Liz, and the stories and dreams of each of the talented women pictured above.

Giveaway! Win Handmade Wedding Sandals from Sseko Designs!

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